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theHunter™: Call of the Wild

I am not a hunter. I do not know what it is like to shoot a real Deer. Would I do this in real life? If it was necessary, probably, however, this is not real life, this is a game, maybe someone should tell the animals. theHunter™: Call of the
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Tangledeep is a title I was very interested in playing until I got into the game and had to battle with the interface. It doesn’t work, it’s clunky and made it difficult to manage my inventory and I never felt like I could forget about it and enjoy the game.
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Elgato Stream Deck after 6 months

I have been using the Stream Deck for 6 months. Whilst I don’t want to write another review I do want to share with you my thoughts about this little magic box because, and I say this earnestly, I don’t think I loved it as much back when I reviewed
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I write a lot, in fact, if Grammarly is to be believed I write more than 96% of its users. I write articles like this one regularly, I write books for my children and I was bored and frustrated with Word and Pages having limited options and having to juggle
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EDIFIER– Ideal Speakers for the Ultimate Gaming Experience!

Last year, Edifier announced its partnership with THX. Founded by George Lucas 30 years ago and recognised by audiences around the globe, THX is synonymous with the certification of world-class cinemas and recording studios, premium audio systems for home and automotive applications along with high definition and 4K displays.  
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They Are Billions offical trailer release

They Are Billions mixes a world where the zombie apocalypse has taken over the planet and throws it into a Steampunk / Victorian setting. Prevent the infection from spreading into your colony and its inhabitants. Once a building is infected, the workers turn, rabidly spreading the infection further. And just when
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