Dual Universe Cover image

Immerse yourself in a new Alpha gameplay video of Novaquark’s Epic sci-fi MMORPG, Dual Universe

Novaquark, the French studio behind the hugely-ambitious PC MMORPG, today released as-yet-unseen-footage of Dual Universe’s new gameplay features. Hot on the heels of Dual Universe’s first Alpha launch last week, codenamed ‘First Contact’, Novaquark has released a breath taking, in-depth video which explores the world and the features that the award-winning MMOPRG has on offer.  Narrated […]

Book of Demons cover image showing a flame with a skull in it

Book of Demons releases a trailer

Its just might be crazy enough to work!     The previous update was called Dungeons and Streamers. The Dungeons & Streamers DLC allows Twitch and Mixer streamers a highly configurable way to interact with their audience as they play Book of Demons. The free DLC increases interaction between streamers and fans beyond the mere […]

Parkasaurus first look

Parkasaurus is a cute looking but deceptively deep park management game from Washbear Studio a company that describe themselves as two friends who have been making games in their spare time for over a decade. The games developers had previously worked at Drinkbox Studios and had a hand in Guacamelee!, Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs […]

Battlefield V cover image

Battlefield V Game play only review

Battlefield V launched into a maelstrom of anger and disappointment from fans, critics and more importantly, the YouTube community of influencers who let’s face it, can make or break a game nowadays. Loot boxes, season passes the throng of criticisms were numerous and justified, however, EA did something no one expected, they listened, they changed […]

SJCAM – New Gimbal 2

Capture smooth, judder-free videos with the perfect action camera and gimbal bundle! SJCAM, the action camera manufacturer, is pleased to announce the new Gimbal 2 is now available worldwide. Perfect for recording action whilst being immersed in it, the Gimbal 2 is compatible with SJCAM models such as the SJ8 Plus, SJ8 Pro, SJ8 Air […]