January 18, 2022


Miscreated cover

So, Miscreated, its early access, it seems that every game of this ilk is early access these days and so I was very sceptical about picking up another early access title. I also think the similarities you could draw between Miscreated and DayZ made me reluctant to buy the game at first and that there were mutants and not zombies made it seem less realistic (I know right!)

At the time of writing Miscreated is still in early access, its being developed by Entrada interactive. A global team of developers who interestingly didn’t meet in person until 2015. They started working as volunteers on Miscreated and have a lot of plans for the game including Item Storage,  Campfires and Tents, Hunting (finally a reason to kill deer) and they intend to expand the crafting systems giving us more and different materials to craft.

There is rumoured to be a battle royale mode which will work well in the game as it plays this way now, since there is no storage.

They are also working to increase the size of the playable map to 64km2 which is approximately 24 square miles so plenty of room to play.

There are vehicles in game that work pretty well, currently only a quad bike, a pickup and a large truck but there are plans for more as is the ability to customise them all with armour and paint jobs that will give each vehicle a unique look and lets hope it gets a bit Mad Max.

Thats enough back story, you want to find out what its like to play, well, after a recent update, it plays wonderfully. The game is well optimised, is updated regularly and is starting to feel like a place I want to spend time, if the item storage were implemented tomorrow I think I would feel as happy as a happy thing in happy land. It is the only thing I think the game needs that it doesn’t currently have in some form.

So, there is a feeling when hearing about Miscreated that this game is like DayZ and although there are obvious parallels with with it in that they are both open world survival games, they both have people killing on site and shouting friendly in Cherno which is odd as there is no Cherno in Miscreated, however, once you see past the similarites, you notice just how different they actually are.

Looks alone give Miscreated the edge, built using Cry Engine the foliage actually looks like foliage and even works as a way of concealment from other survivors. Day and night cycles work to set the scene and the lighting, as you would expect, is superb, flashlights (torches for those of us in the UK) light up a reasonably small area and set an eery scene.

Shadows are cast relative to the light from the torch and looking through a window and seeing a mutant or worse another player will have you jumping out of your skin.

So, it’s deeper, richer, nicer looking and plays better than DayZ but Miscreated is also truly atmospheric, it feels alive. When you enter a house, when you open the door to the garage or venture into an abandoned warehouse, it actually feels like you have stepped into a snapshot of an anarchic time. There is graffiti on the walls with warnings or messages on the fronts of houses, there are blood stains, rubbish, mess and you really get the sense that you are experiencing a once living world who’s inhabitants left in a hurry, killing each other and taking only what was necessary for escape. Then you get to the outskirts, find a map, see the myriad of notes, messages left for missing loved ones and you get the sense that people actually lived and died in this world.

The map feels like it has been lovingly put together, everywhere feels unique, there are some clearly cut and pasted elements, we aren’t at the stage of computer tech where everything in a game can be unique but for now, this is pretty close. Loot is everywhere, you just have to find it, looting is fun and difficult, you always seem to find something you need and never have enough space to carry it all or worse, you find a vehicle, you find a three wheels, you then spend an hour looking for one more, all the while you feel like crying and shouting because you know someone will soon steal your truck.

So its not all holding hands and walks in the woods, there are issues, its an alpha at the end of the day but my gripes are minor and there are only one or two. My first gripe then, there are not enough vehicles, we have to use them to store loot right now so there needs to be more and they need to be lockable, on that note you should be able to carry more than 40 kilos. I know I could carry more than that and I am disabled.

Moving on to my other gripe base building is tedious and as there is no storage its also pointless, this is why I have never built a decent base. What for? I can’t keep anything there and I certainly wouldn’t think I could store things on the floor. It is a shame that this has been omitted for so long, its the one thing the game needs to stop it being a huge Battle Royale mode. Run in, loot up, shoot everyone.

That is all I have to say about the game that I think is a negative at this current stage. It has its share of Alpha bugs but what game wouldn’t at this stage. I can forgive the occasional crash or when something else ‘weird’ happens and suddenly you fall off a bridge because you had no idea you were walking up it.

Thinking again about base building, you can’t carry much and you have to turn logs into lumber, then lumber into all sorts of other items to build a platform to add a wall but before that you need to craft a sign so that you can build. To do these things you have to find boxes of nails, those contain one nail each but you can only carry one or two because you also need bandages, weapons food etc. Base building is tedious and slow. It needs a complete overhaul and the things you need to build  a base have to be changed to keep the game interesting and not just an extended Battle Royale without the ever decreasing play area.

An in depth crafting system is promised as are more vehicles, new weapons, new everything and seeing what we had to play with, what changes have taken place and the realistic promises of things to come I am fully behind the project. I have been playing the game online with friends, I have tried to go lone wolf and have often met some cool people and have often met with a grizzly end at the hands of someone I immediately called “a dick”.

So we can look forward to better performance, more items, more content and more, more, more of everything. There will be better AI, dynamic events and that will open up new ways to play which can never be a bad thing. 

Now on to the actual problem with Miscreated right now, not many people are playing. Granted things are getting better however, compared to the god forsaken cluster fuck that is DayZ the servers are empty, that said, I know why and I have a solution so I do hope the devs are listening (well reading). There is only one place to rent servers, they are £30 per month!!! My Rust server costs me £7 and I could pay less than that.

If the server files were released I am sure many more people would pick up the game and play. More people equals more fun equals more sales equals more people equals more fun equals more sales equals more people.

I am not sure mutants are cool either but they are better than zombies with a jump attack.

So in summary then. Miscreated is a wonderful game already, it has a lot going for it now and a lot more to come so I am really looking forward to the future of the game and the adventures to be had in the game world.

Should you buy it then. well that’s a big yes.

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