October 23, 2021

I started playing this game with just me, single player, almost IMPOSSIBLE! It is so hard with just yourself, there are so many things to do in this game, it just makes things so complicated. Now when you have someone else with you, even just one other person, things are a lot less complicated and it runs so much smoother. Now I do suggest you get 3 or 4 players for optimal and most chaotic gameplay.

So as you can see, there are so many detailed ingredients, and you can either compile the full meal on the table or do it in the oven/pot/pan. But Overcooked, absolutely truly chaotic! I played 10 hours of this game and oh my, super addicting!! And surprisingly detailed! You have to put the ingredients together cook them, put them on a plate, serve them and then CLEAN THE PLATE!


Now this is the level select menu, at the bottom is who is all connected, we played with a controller and 1 keyboard. I found later on that I can split a controller? Which means the left half is player 1 and the right is player 2, if you really like it chaotic, I suggest that.


My final thoughts are that this game is probably the most fun I have ever had in so long! It was totally amazing being able to order my friends/family around the kitchen like I knew what I was doing! I definitely presumed the lead chef in this game, ordering the other players around, getting on to them if they were not quick enough, this game could actually probably make you loose a few relationships/friendships…


Review submitted by Palahace

Posted by Matt

  • 80%
    Gameplay - 80%
  • 50%
    Graphics - 50%
  • 48%
    Sound - 48%
  • 58%
    Longevity - 58%
  • 67%
    Value - 67%

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