Watchdogs 2

Does anyone remember the Watchdogs graphics debacle when it released in 2014? I do, it still burns that the game was released and it looked so different to the demo we saw at E3. It was my first realization that publishers will just lie to sell their games. Stupid I know but I was naive […]

Battlefield 1

War is hell and Battlefield 1 conveys this in a brilliant, brutal and visceral series of short lives from the moment you enter its world. The prologue has you charging towards the enemy switching from one doomed soul to the next each time you are shot, stabbed or burned alive. The great war then, not […]

Mafia 3

Returning home from a war in Vietnam, Lincoln Clay finds himself in another war on the streets of New Bordeaux. A Haitian crime syndicate may seem like a problem initially but that’s nothing compared to the betrayal and violence that it will take to bring vengeance to the mob. You will spend the first few […]