Dark Souls: My venture into pain.


Once in a while we get a game franchise that is so praised that it becomes almost legend-like, that is exactly what Dark Souls is, a game that is so good that people tell their friends tale-like stories about this video game.

Dark Souls is an RPG video game, published by Namco Bandai Games and developed by FromSoftware, that was released on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and on the PC at a later date. Dark Souls received critical acclaim from critics and users upon its release in 2011 and 2012 (for the PC) and went on to have two sequels in which they also received critical acclaim. When I first bought the game I found myself frustrated with the difficulty that the game thrusts upon you straight from the start, you character is so weak at the start that it is almost comedic, but once I started to get used to the game, I found out that it is a very fun and rewarding game. The standard enemies varied in so many ways, from Skeletons that regenerate unless you have a miracle weapon to permanently kill them to undead dogs that if you are not careful will tear you limb-to-limb to the infamous Black Knights that will annihilate you in one or two swings from their giant swords.

There are also a wide array of weapons, all the way from Daggers to Ultra Greatswords, that require a huge amount of strength to wield. There are also bows and staffs to cast spells and also pyromancy to learn. To be able to complete this game you will have to gain the in-game currency which is dubbed ‘Souls’ and also an item which is called ‘Humanity’ which allows your item finding to go up, making items easier to find, and also allows you to play online with other people but at a cost of being invaded, a version of PVP in which you have to banish your invader to stop yourself from loosing your Souls and Humanity, in which you only have one chance to recover if you do fall victim to death, if you die a second time and do not recover your stuff, then it’s bye-bye to those lovely Souls.

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Once you earn your Souls then it’s time to level up and become stronger, faster and better at the game. You will use all this new power to beat the enemies to get to the boss areas which are accessed through fog gates and once you are in there, the only way out is by beating the boss, dying or using an item called ‘Homeward Bone’. there are a wide variety of bosses, ranging from the Taurus Demon all the way to the infamous Ornstein and Smough. Once you defeat a boss you will be given a huge amount of Souls and a selection of item and maybe even a rare weapon if you are lucky. You can also chop the tail off of a couple of bosses and enemies to gain some very cool and powerful weapon, one of which is called the ‘Drake Sword’, which is only gained by shooting a number of arrows at the tail of a Drake.

You will go through so many fantastic locations which are very different to the last places you will have just come from, which may make you stop and stare for a second as you think to yourself “How in the world did they create all of these places”. You also will meet a very special cast of NPC’s, all of which have their very own type of humour and laugh, and will either make you love them (Solaire of Astoria) to hating them (Patches).


Dark Souls is one the greatest games I have ever played and a testament to great game making which will stand the test of time. I give the game a 9 out of 10 and encourage anyone to try it out and see if you can play a game that is so rewarding, it makes the difficulty worth the time.




  • 91%
    Gameplay - 91%
  • 70%
    Graphics - 70%
  • 91%
    Sound - 91%
  • 91%
    Longevity - 91%
  • 80%
    Value - 80%

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