January 18, 2022

The Wild Eight: Beyond the Door Update

The Wild Eight Update
“Beyond the door lies what you have craved before.
One leads to battle you may not win alone.
The second leads to safety from wolves and cold.
The last one tells the story of ones behind it all.”

Despite 8 Point and Fntastic, the developers of the Wild Eight, saying his game already came full with content which helped it to accumulate positive feedback from the players and press alike they have decided that something even bigger awaits experienced survivors and newcomers alike in the harsh lands of Alaska.

Beyond the door is the new huge update for co-op survival game The Wild Eight that will bring new adventures, further develop the story and introduce new game play mechanics!

Bundle up with your best friends or total strangers to uncover more secrets of Vapor-3. There is a huge facility waiting amidst the frozen landscape that can become your own personal bunker with a working railway system. This may protect you from the furious beast that got unleashed on the world of The Wild Eight and will help you track him down later. We strongly advise survivors to unlock new skills and scavenge for new items before attempting to go on a big hunt.

But don’t mistake the doors, one leads to safe place and another to something completely unexpected. This is one of the biggest quests in the game right now that will shed some light on the events happening in the game.

Fntastic and 8 Point are working hard towards full release. The game already set itself apart from the rest of survival games, introducing quests and an emphasis on exploring, rather than staying in one place.

“…you can make your mark on it – resources don’t magically respawn when out of view, so exploration becomes a matter of working out which regions you’ve yet to trawl, and whether there’s an old campsite you can avail yourself of along the way. And the deeper you delve, the more you’ll become aware that something is rotten at the worlds core.”

The Wild Eight is a co-operative game available on Steam. We will be featuring the Wild Eight in an upcoming early access look so stay tuned for more.

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