I started off looking like an idiot. I was in the wrong part of the map, I was miles from where I needed to be and I was outside of the safe zone and running through an aerial bombardment. I saw a figure not too far away so shot him, 3 hits, he didn’t die, I had time to take a head shot and didn’t, I was panicking and desperate to get to safety and inevitably, someone else who heard me fire my weapon killed me.

To say I was excited was an understatement and in the short few minutes of my first game, I could see what the fuss was about.

Time for the next match and as I loaded into Player Unknowns Battlegrounds I was already eyeing up my competition. Mostly kids, squawking and shouting into their mics because, lets face it, this was bloody exciting. I was in the back of the plane and watching people exit, I decided for this match to head somewhere that would be more populous to start with and descended to the ground as fast as I could. I set my sites on a building and immediately thought damn, another parachute below me which means this guy is getting a gun first!

A few minutes later I was armed and listening to him get a kill outside, I took my chances and headed out, crept up behind him and, further away than I had hoped to get, shot him in the back. He was down, I had my first kill and the blood was pumping through my veins so hard I thought I might get an erection. To be clear, I didn’t, I am not a psychotic killer who kills for sexual gratification, I am just trying to illustrate my blood lust.

After 2 more kills I finally met my end and came 29th out of 93 which was quite good for my first proper match.

So Player Unknowns Battlegrounds is the latest in a long line up of Battle Royale games which if I remember used to just be a match type in other full games. Here though its the meat and two veg of play. Everyone begins the match in a plane listening to shouting, racial slurs, meaningless grunts and off key out of tune singing to show that I am not scared actually! Imagine taking all of the negativity that you hate when you play online, ramming it into a tube and then sitting in it for the first few moments of every match. You also know in your heart that the irritating kid who is telling you how good he is at sticking it to your mother is the one little shit that will kill you through some devious exploit he and his friends have found. I will get my revenge Justin you salty little bastard.

From the minute you leave the plane though its non stop action, you will need to get to the ground while surveying the air to make sure you are alone, clocking the landing positions of others if you are not and then looting. This means grabbing a weapon, first aid, backpacks, coats, hats, face things, helmets, armour, high heel shoes and lipstick and then the game will warn you to move. A circle on the map shows the next safe area for you to get to. Being outside of the safe area is bad. A force field will pass you and you will start to lose health, a red circle will be bombarded by planes and always seemed to be where I was.

If you see another player, shoot them, there is no need to team up, the matches don’t last long enough for you to survive and there is certainly no love lost because of it so say “Hello” if you want to be shot. Soloing is definitely a big death match with an ever decreasing play area that will have you on the move the entire time. This is essentially the Hunger Games played out in minutes as opposed to days and to that end you will need to kill or be killed.

Having the option to play as a predefined team does add to the appeal of the game. Can you survive together, work together win the game together? With up to four people in one team it could be quite interesting to see different play styles work in unison and find the different roles successful teams will create through organic play. With all that said the game is fun even in its current early state of development. Bluehole, the developers, have stated that they will be releasing the game from early access within 6 months, an ambitious goal but one they may well achieve. It has also been stated that modding will happen. With excellent guns and gun play this could make for an excellent survival title and I hope some people do run with that because for me currently the game is exciting but like many other Battle Royale titles there will need to be more to it for people to play. Currently there is nothing original about Player Unknowns Battlegrounds and once the hype is over I think other players and I will need more for us to keep coming back to play.


To see my first real game click on this link https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=1ygUMN4Qn5Q.

I am a dad to two small children, I am tired, really tired.

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