You may not have heard of Vesuvian Interactive or David Tse but I am going to tell you and I think you might be sorry it took you this long to find out. Vesuvian Interactive is the company behind an IP in development called Lastworld, a zombie game that uses a 1-1 scale procedurally generated planet, with generated roads, houses, neighbourhoods, cities, counties, greenery, rivers, lakes, oceans and of course PLATE TECTONICS! yeah, they went there. There will be no identical hills or streets for this company, well guys, actually guy!

That’s right, David Tse has been making this game alone since 2014. Lastworld world started as “Survive”, Vesuvian Interactive started as Subsurface Games and David Tse started as, well, David Tse but all of that isn’t important, I am just trying to poke around and see if I am jogging any memory cells.

In NOV 2014 he announced that he was launching a Kickstarter for Survive and was asking for a measly $60,000 to produce an entire game. It failed and he only raised $8,000. This means he actually got nothing because it failed to meet his funding goal. Despite this setback, David kept on making his game with the aid of a hand full of backers that wanted to support him so donated directly to him.

Broke and living hand to mouth with barely any income he didn’t give up and 3 years later he’s got some promising demos out, including a closed early access for those that donated to him and pretty soon he will be launching a version of the game to Steam.


BUT ARTICLE! I hear you shout. What game engine could possibly support tech like this AND be made by one guy! Well it’s his own engine. That’s right. He made his own game engine! It’s called Titan and as well as switching from OpenGL to Vulkan to give him far more low-level control he has decided to opt for VR support first. A risky move given the number of people without VR, he is quoted as saying on his blog”

Survive is now lastworld and will be coming to steam early access this summer as lastworld VR! This name change has been a long time coming and I feel like it finally gives the game an identity and a feeling that we can build on and work toward. Initially, it will only support a scaled back wave-based game mode, but once the full non-VR support and the open world survival mode are reintroduced the “VR” tag will be dropped signaling the release to non-VR players, which admit-idly is most of you right now. Until then I hope to show you all the light and bring you onto the side of VR with sweet gifs! To celebrate the one year anniversary of the Vive and as a little teaser of what’s to come in the next year, here’s a quick video of some of the stuff I’ve been working on!

Building his own engine may have hurt his chances with the early Kickstarter and my thinking is that people were probably unsure about investing in a new game with no familiar names tied to it. However, I for one am sorry I didn’t throw my money at his Kickstarter. His work ethic and perseverance alone were worth my $20, and I have to wonder how far along he would be if the Kickstarter had succeeded.

Maybe like many artists, the struggle is making him push that much harder. I really hope more people take interest in David Tse, and his hugely ambitious game. If you would like to play the early access version you can when it comes to steam this summer.


Vesuvian Interactive

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  1. Well I’ll be damned. I’ve never heard of this game. Thanks for the information.
    I really like the guys idea about excess calories translating into a health tick. Thanks, man. I’ll check it out!

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