Escape From Tarkov: Scav Update.

Escape From Tarkov is currently in Alpha and is constantly adding new features to the game. The newest update to be introduced is the long awaited Scav update and has been favorably received by the Escape from Tarkov Alpha testers. This update also brought some other changes such as:

  • New weapons – SKS, MPX, DVL-10 Saboteur;
  • Introduced the skill system, including skills like endurance, strength, vitality, health and stress resistance;
  • Improved AI, bots are now more effective at using covers and sprint, their algorithms are optimized;
  • Fixed quite a number of bugs;
  • Added visual effects of bleeding, pain, aiming fatigue, tremors.

Here are some screenshots released of said Scav update.

When you select the Scav option, it will send you into an existing game and you take control of one of the A.I and must work together with fellow Scavs (be it Human or A.I) to defeat the USEC. If you kill them and take their loot then you get to keep it but because you didn’t take any gear in with you, only the gear that the A.I had (which could be a fully kitted A.I or an A.I with just a knife), you do not lose any of your hard-earned gear.


I think that this update will bring a different approach to how you play Escape From Tarkov and may prove popular with the fans.

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