Why is My game late? Cloud Imperium Games gives you an answer.

In an unprecedented move, Cloud Imperium Games delivered their weekly update with a 20 min, 50+ developer, in-depth look into why game schedules should never be taken at face value, and why you should cut game companies some slack. On Friday, April, 14. The game company behind the in-development titles “star citizen” and it’s CO-OP stand-alone counterpart “squadron 42” released a behind the scenes interview with numerous developers from a verity of disciplines, from around the globe in all of their many studios. while the video was certainly addressing their own IP they do mention that with any groundbreaking games from any company largely faces the same hurdles.

I for one appreciate the sentiment and love the fact that CIG strives to interact and speak directly to the onlookers about their true intentions before the deadlines are broken. CIG has become one of the most transparently developed game studios the world has ever seen, which hopefully other game studios will take note of and follow suit. In the video, they try to make it clear that “you want to know when? we don’t know. this is all we know, but bugs make fools of us all.” also making mention the any game anywhere, that is adding a completely new feature, that has no previous iteration to learn from, can not only take months to code, but break the game entirely once added to the main code branch! setting schedules back weeks or even months depending on whether or not the feature can be fixed, or has to be remade from the ground up again.

While I think we can all learn to cut some slack for game makers. I think game companies could learn a lot about transparency from the examples CIG have and continue to set. For more information on CIG, Star Citizen, or squadron 42. Check out their website at https://robertsspaceindustries.com/. If you feel like signing up feel free to use referral code STAR-TYHZ-LJ3V to get 5,000 free credits.


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