Worlds Adrift.

Worlds adrift is a steampunk style open world MMORPG. You play as a young adventurer setting off to find a place to call home or to find your fortune. As you start the game off you’ll notice two major things about your surroundings. First, you’ll notice that you are on an island, and the second thing is that surrounding your island is…. well, a long way down. You are on a floating island, and as you look around you’ll see other floating islands. How do you get to these other islands? Well, that’s where the game starts to separate its self from every other game out there. Equipped with your player are two very important things that will help you get from one place to another.


The first thing you have is a backpack equipped with a built-in set of glider wings. The other thing to help you get around is a grappling hook, and let me tell you this is not the grappling hooks you are used to. The rope on the grappling hook uses Newtonian+tension physics. While swinging if your rope encounters an object like a rock or and tree branch it will start to wrap around it, which makes for some really fun gameplay just swinging around sling shooting your body through the air.

The other thing that makes this game shine is the ship building. That’s right you get to build you one airship! and I mean BUILD it. Using a “holo ship constructor” you can piece together just about whatever shape you would like using building mechanics that remind me of the base building in the game Rust. The ships need this like engines, anti-gravity thrusters, and all kinds of different modules that all need maintaining. Especially during battles. Flying around shooting ships grappling off your ship to swing over to another, or to save yourself from falling off your ship into the wild blue nowhere of the sky below.

Once you have made your ship you get to explore the islands in your surround area, BUT outside the range of those islands are heavy storms that you must navigate. You’ll need to upgrade you ships components to make the trip a little more feasible as you will be faced with high winds that can topple your ship, or blow you away of course. Flying debris from ships that failed to navigate the storms.

Giant lightning strike that can tear your ship to pieces, or knock out your controls, and even pirates with ships well equipped to navigate the storms that will chase you down for your booty. Storms can vary in intensity and styles, and act as a skill blearier to stop people from breezing through the world. Between the fun rope physics, building your own airships, and procedural generated worlds. This is a game I am looking forward to playing, exploring, solving puzzles and stealing some booty in.

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