January 18, 2022

Day of Infamy is a WW2-themed shooter from New World Interactive, a team following up on the success of Insurgency, the gritty modern day tactical shooter that released on PC back in early 2014. This follow-up is the work of a studio still on the rise, and such it offers snappy, visceral combat that plays out via interesting and dynamic game modes.



From a visual perspective, there are a lot of hard edges and the scenery is a touch too angular, but to counter that the textures are really detailed, and some of the effects are fantastic. There is a great selection of maps, ranging from battered European towns to sunny Mediterranean islands, and of course, there’s the obligatory D-Day beach landing. The troops are all nicely detailed, and their animations are smooth and lifelike. Further realism is heaped on thanks to a blistering soundscape. Some of the audio can border on tinny at times, but overall the mix of gunfire, dialogue, shouts, screams, and explosions combines to create an engaging and evocative atmosphere.

Good audio-visual design will only get you so far, and it’s in the gunplay and the various game modes that Day of Infamy really shines. There’s influence drawn from Valve’s Day of Defeat, but New World Interactive has added enough modernity and personality to ensure that it stands apart. The guns, for example, are expertly done, and there’s plenty of differentiation between the various loadouts you can choose from ahead of each match. There are a finite number of classes available on each team, which keeps things balanced, and different specialisations need to work together for maximum effect.


On top of some well thought out PvP modes and a Training mode, there’s also co-op variants to play against AI-controlled enemies. One that stood out was Entrenchment, where players have to repel waves off attackers, before falling back and regrouping at tactically important points on the map. It’s actually surprisingly challenging (especially if you’re not taking advantage of the maximum player count), and the AI doesn’t seem to pull its punches, making this a fun alternative for groups of players looking for a different, slightly less intense challenge.


Throw all of these various ingredients together and you’ve got a potent mix of exciting and engaging modes and maps. The action is fast and frantic and full of tension, and from an audio-visual perspective, New World Interactive have shown themselves to be a capable studio, albeit one that has room to grow. Day of Infamy draws its strength from well-balanced modes and tense, tactical combat, and while it isn’t perfect, it does have plenty to offer anyone looking for a new historical shooter to get their teeth stuck into. While our own experience (on one PC, it should be said) was disrupted by some frustrating technical faults, the underlying game itself is very good indeed. It’s the best WW2 shooter since Rising Storm, and fans of the genre would do well to check it out.


Shoot it, shoot it now
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    Value - 80%

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  1. Insurgency and the WW2 mod that was free was better than this. I think the lack of modern weapons highlight the issues with the game and the biggest issue it has….. It’s not fun.

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