Edifier e25 Luna Eclipse Multimedia Speaker

Getting a new product for me starts with the box. How well packaged is everything? You may well ask “what difference does the box make?” Instead, you should ask “Does the care taken over the packaging tell me anything about the love that went into the product?” I would say yes, of course. If a company lovingly package an item it demonstrates the thought that went into the product so I was really eager to open up the Edifier e25 Luna Eclipse package and see what was inside of the expensive looking box from Edifier.

Edifier e25 Luna Eclipse in red with a silver remote on a white background

For me, the e25 Luna Eclipse from Edifier left the gate at a fair clip. Given that these speakers can be found for around £149.99 I was not expecting to be surprised by the packaging. On seeing the carrying handle I knew this was more than just a container, when I opened the box I found each speaker was lovingly shrouded in its own cloth sack nestled in purposeful cutout, above the speakers was a dense black foam that exuded quality. I was very surprised and impressed by the care of the packaging and this excited me about the product itself.

Picking up a speaker I was struck at how heavy it was, I haven’t weighed them but know they are around 3.6kgs and as I opened the sack and took the speaker out I was struck at just how pretty it was in the flesh. The shiny finish accentuates the black face and bass cut away at the rear. I have to admit my first negative moment here, and it’s only for those owners who have children. The tweeter is exposed and despite having a bar in front of it I could see my children poking it at some point in the future so you might want to explain that if they do this you will cut the offending finger off.

Back shot of the Edifier e25 Luna Eclipse showing the IO

The Edifier logo is understated and in just the right position to not bother the aesthetic as are the touch capacitive buttons on the control speaker.  Another small issue ran through my head at this point as I could imagine fingerprints showing up everywhere and I thought about another item I would have to clean after every use, however, this isn’t the case and to be sure Edifier has included a small, stylish remote so even you Cheetos eaters will be fine.

Along with the speakers and remote, there was a small power supply brick, an IEC cable and a 6-pin connection cable to link the speakers together, this is a proprietary connector but is well built and solid feeling whilst still being flexible enough to allow you to keep your cables tidy. I have not measured the cable but it’s around 3 meters so you won’t be caught out and there is an equally lengthy 3.5mm audio cable.

First impressions then were fabulous and taking a look at the Edifier e25 Luna Eclipse speakers on the desk I can see the moon shape even if it’s a little impressionistic. There is a rubbery feeling to the front plate and although the tweeter is exposed the bar covering it should stop any accidents from happening but as I said before, small fingers will easily get around this for you. The rear bass cutaway has a small chrome bar and the foot of each speaker has a rubberized plate giving the speaker a solid platform despite its width vs height ratio.

Edifier e25 Luna Eclipse side shot showing the air gap and touch sensitive buttons

The build quality is superb and each speaker has a ¾-inch silk dome tweeter and 3.5-inch midrange driver. There are also two passive radiators which can just be seen through the speakers’ slit at the rear and their job is to enhance bass output. They are offset so are 180 degrees out of phase with each other.

The Edifier e25 Luna Eclipse is Bluetooth capable but also includes a 3.5 audio input so can be used with practically any device. The amp supplies 15 watts for each tweeter, 22 watts for the midrange giving a total power rating of 74 watts which was more than enough for music, computer usage and I have also tested them with my TV.

The first thing that caught my ear when listening was the surprisingly deep bass. I had to check I wasn’t using my audio system’s speakers I was so surprised. The bass is fast, accurate and plays very nicely with the midrange. There is a small amount of treble forwarding but nothing you would notice unless you are obsessive. In fact being a smaller speaker I thought I would give the bass a real test and so I threw Hip Hop by Dead Prez at it as it has that big bass and some very deep kicks. The Edifier e25 Luna Eclipse were not phased at all. River and Sticks by Oakhurst is a great all-rounder and highlighted some very open and clear midrange. I was very impressed by the warmth of strings and in general, listening to deep male vocals such as Rag and Bone man demonstrates the rich tones and clarity I would expect from a top-shelf setup. A very neutral and accurate soundscape then, but for me, the treble could be less insistent on sitting just a little too close. That is a minor gripe and for most users, it is not going to be an issue. I would not have expected this kind of accuracy from speakers in this price range.

Front shot of a red Edifier e25 Luna Eclipse with its remote on a white background


When used for gaming the Edifier e25 Luna Eclipse are a little bass heavy but that is to be expected considering most of the games I play have some sort of shooting element. I tested them first with Battlefield 1 and was surprised at how immersive the soundscape was. I usually play with 7.1 Surround Asus ROG Spitfires to give me directional audio queues but I found that the e25s were clear enough for me to still hear the enemies around me. Some highlights were playing Arma 3 Breaking point and Mass Effect Andromeda. Both titles use music to great effect and I found myself forgetting about the speakers and just getting into the game. Sure this is a testament to the games themselves, that much is true, but also demonstrating that the speakers were doing their job perfectly.


Using them with my TV produced some great results too. I used the Edifier e25 Luna Eclipse exclusively for two days. I found the sound to be fabulous. I was expecting the speech to get lost in the bass if music was playing however, this was not the case. My wife, who I’ve actually witnessed watching a movie with the audio out of sync, made a comment about how clear the sound from the TV seemed. This lead to a discussion where I had to explain that the sound was coming out of the little speakers even though it used to come out of the TV but in the end, we both agreed that it was simpler for her if we just called it “sound magic’ and move on. I watched some live concerts and found the sound to be just about the best I have ever heard while watching the TV. The treble forwarding was gone, the room was filled with a sound like I was there, I was very impressed, in fact so impressed that my new “living room e25s” are arriving tomorrow.

A pair of red Edifier e25 Luna Eclipse on a white background stood on red stands


At the weekend we had a small party, well small for us and I thought I would use the Edifiers paired with the Amazon Echo dot. I thought it was a testament to the speakers that no one commented. In fact, two people tried to turn the volume down and although I don’t have an audiophile setup it was nice to see them at the Stereo thinking the sound was coming from some rather large monitors I found on eBay.


At full chat there is no distortion or vibration, the sound is clean, natural and present. I have truly fallen in love with these speakers. They look incredible and although I wouldn’t consider myself an audiophile I do have an ear, for music particularly, and I think, even a true audiophile would find these speakers impressive.


close up shot of the Edifier e25 Luna Eclipse in red showing the touch sensitive buttons and the bar protecting the tweeter




How do these speakers sound this good at only £149.99? The Edifier e25 Luna Eclipse offer more value than any multimedia speaker I have heard. Superb for a desktop computer, great for TV audio and for your music. An all-around fantastic speaker that is truly hard to fault at any price point.

In all the futuristic design, stunning sound and build quality are a complete win for Edifier and the e25s are punching well above their weight.

Buy because

Build Quality

Superb Bass

Fabulous Midrange

They look fantastic

At £149.99 you will be hard-pressed to find a pair of multimedia speakers as good as this for twice the price.

To consider

Beware of the exposed tweeter if you have children, it really is tempting fate for their little hands.

Tech Specs:

TOTAL POWER OUTPUT: 15W x 2 (Treble) + 22W x 2 (Bass)

SNR: ≥85dBA

FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 50Hz ~ 20 kHz (± 6dB)

INPUT TYPE: Bluetooth/Auxiliary/Optical


ADJUSTMENT:Touch keys, remote control

BASS & MID-RANGE DRIVER:3 inch (82mm)

TREBLE DRIVER: 3/4 inch (19mm) silk dome



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