January 18, 2022

Drifting Lands

Drifting Lands is a classic horizontal shoot’em’up with some well thought out RPG elements being developed and published by Alkemi.

A mix of Shoot Em Up and RPG sounds like an odd mix but if you enjoy Shoot Em Ups then you will enjoy Drifting Lands. There are over 100 levels and, of course, the enemies increase in variety and difficulty as you progress from stage to stage. During the first 2-5 hours, experienced players will say this is a cakewalk, but after this time even the most hardened gamers will find a challenge and that is when I think you will really see the fun. The addition of equipment and armour gives the game more variety as you have different combinations you can experiment with while flying around and destroying enemy ships. You can play the game in full vanilla mode with no powers or use your powers to the fullest and destroy everything that gets in your way. When you’re not on a mission, you’ll be upgrading your ship in your hangar or researching blueprints and buying and selling items in the shop. Don’t expect a deep RPG system here. The game tries to emulate the loot grinding from RPGs, enemies drop items for you to collect. But again, this is definitely not a complicated system like other RPG games. Even if there is some kind of rarity system.


The only thing that I found lacking in this game was the storytelling. As the game progressed I felt that I was skipping through the dialogue because I had very little control over my characters answers, even if I had a chance to answer. You spend quite a bit of time in the storytelling aspect of this game just being spoken to. I wish they would have added more of a Fallout4/Skyrim dialogue choice options to make you connect with your character.


The soundtrack, written by Louis Godart, is incredible. This is the type of music that I listen to even while not playing said game, and while playing, it adds to the exciting arcade shooter feel. The art style in this game is fantastic, each enemy ship type looks different from another, so you’ll be able to distinguish each ship and immediately recognise what each ship does and how to take it out. The battlefield looks exciting, being filled with bullets and ships and lasers, but it doesn’t distract you from the gameplay.


I recommend playing this game with a controller. I used a PlayStation 4 controller and was able to control my ship through combat with great ease (Except for the times that I crashed my ship, but that wasn’t down to controls, that was due to me being too confident, which I realise that I CAN’T DO!!!). I had no difficulty whatsoever with the controls and found the manoeuvrability very smooth.


Drifiting Lands is an action-packed game with a lot of depth to its challenges. The amount of hours you can spend in this game is ridiculously large as there is always a challenge ahead of you and replaying this game is like playing it for the first time again. The selection of playable ships is standard, but that being said, it’s very rewarding when you unlock the next stronger vessel. The Soundtrack and visuals make this game worth every penny that it is being sold for. If you can get along with the fact that the game’s enemies start throwing serious bullets, lasers, and explosive crap at you by Grade 3 out of 10, then this might be the game for you.

  • 90%
    Gameplay - 90%
  • 90%
    Graphics - 90%
  • 90%
    Sound - 90%
  • 80%
    Longevity - 80%
  • 80%
    Value - 80%

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