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Logitech G403 Gaming Mouse

I have been using the Razer Chroma Deathadder since 2014. I like the way it fits in my hand and I am very used to it. When I was offered the chance to review the Logitech G403, a part of the Prodigy line, which in turn is a part of Logitech’s efforts to make high-end gaming gear more mainstream, I jumped at the chance. I’ve never written a review about a mouse before and thinking about my own product I know what I like, I hope I know what’s good or bad and I think I will be able to give you an honest opinion about it. So here goes.

The G403 was designed from day one to appeal to the casual gamer, compared to a modern gaming mouse it’s quite stark. The number of buttons, 4 plus the scroll wheel click, the overall design, very office mouse looking and yet they also hope to appeal to the hardcore gamer with many high-end features and, of course, the Logitech pedigree. The Logitech G403 is the new normal for Logitech it seems but you have to wonder if there is enough of the core checklist for each party to make this a good choice for either.

On the looks front, this mouse is definitely team casual. Reminiscent of the Deathadder, the Logitech G403 is styled to be classic yet understated, familiar and contemporary. It certainly feels very natural and familiar to me; the grip is slightly tapered and despite it being considerably deeper in my hand than the Deathadder it does feel good. There is a reason mice were designed this way once and the moment you put your hand on it, you realise why.

If you are used to something like a RAT 5 or the other exotic looking hard-core gaming mice on the market this depth will feel odd but the only sensation I wasn’t used to was the way it glides around my Aukey mat beautifully and works just as well on a little plastic table I use when setting up my server or HTPC. More on that in a moment. It feels natural to hold and my thumb and finger positions are practically identical to the Deathadder meaning that I had no awkwardness to overcome in the first few hours of use. There are some Gamer elements to the design in that the G logo and scroll wheel have RGB lighting which is customisable in the Logitech gaming software. It may be a gimmick but it does look great and is a good contrast to the matte black finish everywhere else.

Talking about that finish it really feels nice in the hand and doesn’t seem to show up fingerprints or grease. This will be a great benefit in the future when you don’t have to get 6 months of finger jam off of it. The LMB and RMB feel sharp and clicky. There is an audible and satisfying click that lets you hear the responsiveness. I had no complaints from a session of CSGO and wasn’t even thinking about it during a PUBG match. I would say that is a great sign that it is working as intended. Rightly so, these are the same buttons from the Pro line of gaming mice, this means they have tensioned springs and detached plastic. Logitech claims they will not warp over time like unbodied mice can. I have never had this issue with any mouse but it’s nice to know someone is thinking about this stuff so us normal folk don’t have to.

Logitech G403 with a blue light on a white background

There is a little bit of a hangover noise if you a click and let go type. I don’t do this in gaming but when I use photoshop I click buttons and let go, I never knew I did this until there was an echo from the fact my finger was vacant and allowing the buttons to ring a little after use. I found this a little distracting but I once walked out of a cinema because there was a black mark on the screen that wasn’t bothering “anyone but me”.

The mouse is really light, with that fluid feel its almost like you don’t have anything in your hand so being the consummate professional I added the 10g weight supplied in the box but I still felt like I was floating my hand around for the first hour. It’s amazing how quickly your body gets used to a new sensation however and coming back to this PC and using my Razer mouse it felt like I was dragging Velcro over sandpaper.

So, on to the reason, this is still a gaming mouse, the sensor. It’s incredible. According to the Logitech website, the sensor sends 1000 reports PER SECOND. What this equates to is sliding a warm hand over a buttered surface on a hot day while covered in Vaseline. I switched in stages from the lowest to the highest sensitivity settings and there was a buttery smoothness to the whole affair that subtly impressed me. I didn’t shout OMG at the top of my lungs however, I did actually think “Wow, that’s pretty nice”, high praise indeed.

Logitech G403 with red lights on a white background

There is an additional button above the mouse wheel that you can click on the fly to switch between the three pre-set sensitivities however, I found these pre-sets to be a little ‘off’ each time so I made the adjustments in my settings and got the mouse moving just the way I like it. I would have liked to have seen more quick-change pre-sets but I am sure for some people one of these settings will be perfect.

I accidentally installed Overwolf whilst I was installing the Logitech Gaming software. I have Revo uninstaller pro so it wasn’t an issue, however, I did wonder why Logitech would have their software stealth installing something that most people probably don’t want and if they did want it, they would already have installed it.

I like the fact that the Logitech G403 has a built-in memory of my settings, it means that when I move between my PCs I don’t have to keep setting it up the way I like but I did wonder how useful this feature would be given that most users only have one PC.

The build quality of the mouse is pretty decent, it has rubberised side panels that appear to be well attached and don’t appear to collect much dirt. The cord is very solid, its thick but very flexible and I haven’t had an issue with kinks, pulls or snags so I can see this mouse lasting a good deal of time. Good job too, for a casual mouse the price is a little high at £59.99 however, I have found it online for as little as £39.99. It is a solid deal for a  gaming mouse though and it can’t hurt to have a mouse that works well for both games and other tasks. I think its money well spent buying a better quality mouse.

Logitech G403 with blue lights and the buttons visible on a white background

Unfortunately for the Logitech G403, the Logitech G Pro is a competition mouse designed with leading professional gamers, this bigger kick in the teeth for the Logitech G403 is the fact that the G Pro retails for £69.99 and I think a serious gamer would opt for the G Pro over the Logitech G403 which means Logitech are competing with themselves. It’s a no-brainer really, they look the same, they have the same underlying hardware, why would you buy an “inferior” product when for £10 you could walk away with the real deal.

So, in conclusion, is this a good mouse? Yes, it’s fantastic. Should you buy one? Well, this is a harder question to answer. The Razer Mamba tournament addition is available with a very quick google search for £64.74 and I found the Asus ROG Gladius II for £69.98. This is the biggest hurdle that the Logitech G403 will face moving forward. It really comes back to my original question, is this a little too expensive for the casual user? Maybe, but probably not for a casual gamer, however, as a gaming mouse, it’s competing with some thoroughbreds and the price point puts it directly in their sights.

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