Inmates, a game that made a proclamation that it is a story-driven, atmospheric psychological horror game, developed by Davit Andreasyan and published by Iceberg Interactive. You play as Johnathon who finds himself in a run-down prison, and he has to find out what is happening and how to escape.


The game has some very disturbing sounds, it also has some decent puzzles but that’s where the good points stop. This game is boring, it is very short and lacks any kind of scare (they try to get you with the standard loud noise jump scare but fail at that). The lack of a sprint button really annoyed me, there is a certain section of the game towards the end where you are in a maze and without the sprint button I kept on failing but not because it’s difficult but because the enemy is ever so slightly faster if you turn a corner too slow. This game REALLY needs a sprint button as there are many parts of the game’s environment that are just too long and nothing is happening as it is not setting up any scares so you are just bored walking to the next objective.



The game’s story is very sub-par, short (I completed it in under 2 hours) and at times during cutscenes I found myself yawning, the voice acting was OK and the visuals were bland, the only thing that kept me from skipping the cutscene was the fact that I couldn’t skip the cutscenes. There were moments where I was thinking to myself “if you had just added a few more scenes then that cutscene could have been decent”.


I’ve been a HUGE fan of horror games ever since the first Resident Evil and Silent Hill and this game tries to be really scary but the models that they use in this game are not scary in the least, just giving a character model light bulb eyes does not equal scary. A scary game should have imagery that scares you even without any sound


The enemies in this game should look like something that would be in your worst nightmare or even worse, but they aren’t, they are just stock models with a bit of blood texture and light up eyes. You have to get creative with horror and make something that would make a 7ft tall, 300lb of pure muscle martial artist-run and hide while crying because he just saw something that he can’t handle. I understand that horror is subjective and in this game, those character models are important to the story but if so then add more monsters so you can use them as almost cannon fodder.


Now onto the two things which are the most annoying parts of a video game that I have ever seen, the first thing is the jump cuts, you will be going from one place to another and it will show an obvious scene transition which is borderline funny at times, there were a couple of points in the game where I had to do rub my eyes as I thought “no that can’t be right” and the second thing is the unnecessary hand-holding, there were times when I would go to leave a room and it would jump cut the camera behind me saying “Oh man, that looks important” and then when I tried to leave again, it would do the exact same thing. Now I know that they want you to pick certain things up but the constant hand-holding threw me out of the game and there were times when I actually shouted “STOP IT” at my monitor, let me play the game wrong and figure out later that I did it wrong.


The only creepy part of this dreadful game


The one word I can use to sum this game up is boring and it’s a pity as the game’s visuals are really creepy and remind me a bit of Silent Hill. Going into this game I was looking forward to playing a horror game that looked like it was going to bring me back to the good old days of Silent Hill but unfortunately I was wrong. If you are looking for a good horror game then give this game a miss as it is neither fun nor scary.

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