Edifier S2000 Pro Review

Edifier make great products, you only have to look through the hardware reviews on this site to see that. One of the things I particularly like about them is they don’t seem to worry about what other people are doing, the S2000 Pro epitomise this attitude.

When I was sent the Edifier S2000 Pro for review I was certainly ready to give them a damn good test, currently priced at £429 on Amazon I had one question in mind, are they worth the additional £300 you would have to pay for the Edifier Luna Eclipse speakers?

It was very clear from the first moment I heard any sound from them that this would not be an apples to apples test if I compared the two. Indeed, I have nothing to compare them to so I decided to just test them as I would any other speaker.

Edifier S2000 Pro Review back panel

The first thing that hits you is the build quality. Edifier make solid equipment, well put together, made with love and a passion for sound but if looks alone were the measure here the S2000 Pro is a cut above anything Edifier has yet to produce.

They are heavy and exude quality, each speaker weighs about 20lbs/9KG and is adorned with 18mm thick wood panels that not only look fantastic but also help to reduce the resonance. The unit comes with its own stylish remote as I have come to expect from Edifier. In the box, you will also find a 3.5mm to RCA, an RCA to RCA cable as well as an optical fibre cable for those people who “know it sounds different”.  

They are understated yet elegant and wouldn’t look out of place in a 1940s living room but also look incredible sat next to my very modern looking monitor.

The right speaker is the master and has all of the controls and inputs, to connect to the secondary speaker there is a specially designed cable that separates the treble and bass to reduce interference. The cable is approximately 16ft long so is suitable for most situations

On the right speaker, you can find the volume dial and the input selection as well as a treble dial, bass dial, AUX in, Balanced XLR input, Speaker out, Optical in, Coaxial in, and a power switch. There is no HDMI (ARC) port which does mean that if you wanted a direct connection to your 4K Television you will need to use two remotes instead of being able to control the speaker with one. It’s not a serious omission given that using these speakers to listen to Dads Army re-runs would be a crime unto itself but it would be nice to have the option in this modern world of smart connectivity.  

Edifier S2000 Pro Review living room scene

Notably, these are Bluetooth speakers, so you can also pair it with your TV or listen to music from your mobile devices. Edifier uses the Qualcomm® CSR8645 chipset which allows for Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and of course Qualcomm® aptX™ HD audio. This basically means that your HD audio is indistinguishable from High Res. It can even enhance audio from standard resolution content and results in a “better than CD” listening experience. This is achieved using 192KHz / 24bit LPCM audio data which is essentially a non-compressed analogue signal being simultaneously captured and transformed into digital audio. 

The unit has an onboard DAC and ADC provided by a Texas Instruments PCM1802, I had to look up what this unit did. I found this information 

The PCM1802 is a high-performance, low-cost, single-chip stereo analogue-to-digital converter with single-ended analogue voltage input. The PCM1802 uses a delta-sigma modulator with 64-times or 128‑times oversampling and includes a digital decimation filter and high-pass filter (HPF), which removes the DC component of the input signal. For various applications, the PCM1802 supports master and slave modes and four data formats in serial interface. The PCM1802 is suitable for a wide variety of cost-sensitive consumer applications where good performance, 5-V analogue supply, and 3.3-V digital supply operation is required. The PCM1802 is fabricated using a highly advanced CMOS process and is available in the DB 20-pin SSOP package.

Having read this, I still don’t really know what it does. The DAC or digital to analogue conversion is a  good thing to have in speakers, I want that and the ADC or analogue to digital conversion is also good. I want both of those, what do they do? I don’t really know. It’s very technical and very clever. That is also good, I will have both please.

Edifier S2000 Pro remote

It has Planar Diaphragm tweeters which provide 12W+12W of tweets, a 5.5 inch midrange and base driver that will provide 50W + 50W that’s 38 more, while I was finding out about this stuff I got distracted and played with the remote, I was switching between the modes, Vocal, Monitor, Dynamic and Classic.

Like me, you have probably stopped reading the over techy stuff because you just want to know how they sound.

There isn’t a word in English for the way I felt when I first played Back in Black through the S2000 Pro speakers, I will try though, its “ohawsomport”.

The sound is phenomenal, however, if I had to find faults, I would say that as with a lot of Edifier products I have tested there is a tendency to add a little treble forwarding. I found the Bass to be a little bit thick insistent with a neutral setting. The mid-range was perfect no matter what I did but once I had messed around with the dial and got things just so I could sit down and I have to say that I cannot find anything to complain about.

The treble forwarding isn’t really an issue and you would have to be a true audiophile to let it bother you. If you are using these speakers as your audio solution for a TV set up, please stop. These speakers need to play music.

Edifier S2000 Pro Review bookshelf speaker

I didn’t have access to my music library due to a toilet issue I won’t go into so had to listen to tracks I was not as familiar with. I spent several hours going through my wife’s collection of tracks, I listened to live music, acoustic performances, classical music and because I found it important to test all aspects, I even listened to some Jazz.  

The room filling stereo sound was incredible, no distortion at all at high volumes, the mid-range is so great it meant that the vocals were never lost in any performance and I could really appreciate the sound and tones of the singers’ true voice.

Drilling down into why you find out that the aluminium cones have a high strength and low distortion property, Edifier got help from the Klippel precise analysis system to ensure the metal aspects of the speakers emit no sounds but that they are still able to take advantage of the metal aspects. Kllippel GmbH uses a laser-based system to take highly precise measurements so this is how Edifier can keep distortion down to a minimum in the S2000 Pro. This is true audiophile tech in a speaker that costs £429.

In summary:

The S2000 Pro bookshelf speakers are beautiful, they sound incredible and are within the budgets of most people who love good sound but wouldn’t want to spend several thousand pounds on a system that other audiophiles would insist on. Another win for Edifier and another fantastic product.

I am a dad to two small children, I am tired, really tired.

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