Edifier E30 Spinnaker Speakers in black on a white background with the remote in the front

First Impressions

Edifier Spinnaker E30 Speakers are not what you would call understated in fact, the Spinnaker Speakers measure around 15 inches (38 cm) in height and I am sure you will agree, they look incredible. In fact, they won the Innovations Design and Engineering Award at the Consumer ElectronShowshow (CES).

Unboxing them for the first time was a pure joy and they certainly look very different from anything else I have reviewed.

On setting up I found the Spinnaker speakers a great place to live and began the laborious process of hiding the cables because, well, my wife hates cables. Luckily the Spinnaker speakers have a neat little trick on their base so that I could add all the cables to the control unit and all you see on the desk is the metal plate at the rear.

Technical Features

The Spinnaker speakers have a 4” downward-firing subwoofer, a ¾” silk-domed, front-facing tweeter and a 2¾” midrange driver.

The Spinnaker incorporates Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology with separate 6-channel digital crossover and is Bluetooth enabled.

It has a dome-shaped remote that controls the volume and track selection with a  claimed 30’ radius. I was unable to test this however, I was still able to control the speakers at over 23’ which is pretty impressive by itself. T

here is the obligatory aux port for connecting without Bluetooth and an optical port should you feel the need to add an external sub.

A wireframe and internal view of the edifier e30 spinnaker speakers

Spinnaker Sound

Every time I have listened to an Edifier speaker I have been overly impressed with the sound so I was expecting the same from the Spinnaker speakers. Unlike every other Edifier speaker I have tested there was no treble forwarding and unlike every other Edifier speaker I have tested, I was disappointed with the quality of the sound.

The design of the Spinnaker Speaker is claimed by Edifier to enhance the performance. However, I found the overall volume too low, the bass to be muddy which washed out the sound from the midrange.

I want to be clear here though, I am comparing this speaker to the S2000 pro which was incredible. Compare the Spinnaker Speakers to other products and you will be happy but I was expecting something special.  


Downward firing

Those downward firing subs, well, they don’t make a difference in my opinion. In tests by Brent Butterworth over at audiophilereview.com, showed that there is virtually no difference between front firing and downward firing subs.

What it did mean was that whilst I had the speakers on a desk the resonance of the material they are placed on plays a part in the sound you hear.

Add to this the underperforming mid-range and you have a speaker that doesn’t quite cut the mustard as far as Edifier products are concerned.

A close up view of the remote and metal plate from the Edifier Spinnaker Speakers


Other issues

The remote is a very clever bit of kit, but there is a massive issue with it. It’s the only way to control the Spinnaker Speakers. There is no way to control the speaker from the unit itself.

The speaker connection cable (the one connecting the control unit to the slave) is again quite a good size but for setups where the speakers are separated by some distance, this will become an issue.

They are heavy. At over 4KG, they are quite beastly to deal with when you set up. This does mean there is very little chance of toppling them over, however, which is always a good thing.


Light at the end

Whilst its fair to say that I was disappointed with the Spinnaker Speakers I think for most people these speakers will be fabulous. I tried my best to judge them on their own merits but I have come to expect a lot from Edifier. The speakers were able to fill our dining room comfortably and look fabulous doing it.

Whilst gaming the Spinnaker Speakers performed well and whilst I didn’t have my usual music to test them with I found them to perform very well if a little too warm for my liking.


I started my tests with Hip Hop by Dead Prez, a  very bass heavy track which started well until I cranked the volume up. It could have been my test unit which has been around the block a few times, but, there was definitely some vibration coming from the speaker itself.

I moved on to Back in Black by AC/DC, no the greatest track to test sound but I love the way it makes me feel when I hear this loud. I found the midrange to be fantastic and the treble was really clean. I began to feel like I had been overly critical of the Spinnaker Speakers. They were doing an admirable job but they still pale in comparison to the S2000 Pro.

I don’t know if this is an audiophiles track, I am not an audiophile but if you listen to Turn your lights down low by Bob Marley and the Wailers on a good system you can really hear the location of each instrument. It’s a good track to test with and once again, the Spinnaker Speakers performed pretty well and this is where I noticed the lack of treble forwarding and in fact, the bass is a tad laid back but I suspect that is more to do with its muddy feel.

Overall the Spinnaker Speakers have a very warm sound (thanks to that muddy bass) which means Nora Jones (my wife loves it) sounded fantastic.

We spent an afternoon in the garden with friends recently and went through our entire Walk off the Earth collection and I didn’t find the bass to be a distraction so as I got used to their sound I became more accepting of it.  

Edifier Spinnaker speakers in red with a black background

Spinnaker Speakers In summary

Judged alone, the Spinnaker Speakers are really very good and look striking, however, I have recently tested the S2000 Pro, whilst they are double the price, I cannot find a speaker that compares with the overall impression they left with me.

The Spinnaker Speakers are stunning, they have a good sound quality with great dispersion, however, they are not Edifiers best and if I were spending my money, I would be buying the S2000 Pro.

Tech Specs

    • TOTAL POWER OUTPUT:RMS 10W x 2 +10W x 2 + 25W x 2


    • THD + N:10%


    • SNR:≥90dBA


    • FREQUENCY RESPONSE:68Hz – 20kHz +/-3dB on reference axis


    • FREQUENCY RANGE:50Hz – 23kHz -10dB




    • DISTORTION:≤0 0.5%




    • AUDIO OUTPUT: Bass expansion for outboard subwoofer


    • SPEAKER UNIT:Treble: 19mm silk dome, Magnetically shielded, 4Ω


    • Midrange: 2¾ inch (70mm), Magnetically shielded, 4Ω


    • Bass: 4 inch (116mm), Magnetically shielded, 6Ω


    • POWER SUPPLY: Input 100V-240V AC, Output 20V/60W DC


    • DIMENSION:140mm x 413mm x 189mm (W x H x D)


  • WEIGHT:4.3Kg (net) | 5.3Kg (gross)
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