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Lego DC Super Villains is the first game my son was aware of before it launched. He is 7 years old and if you are a parent like me you will always be on the lookout for games that you can play with your child. It was actually him that told me about its launch and he had asked specifically if we could get it.

Lego games have been the staple of our playtime together, they encompass everything that is good about gaming and don’t contain any negative messages or hidden purchases (barre Lego dimensions) that will have you reaching for your wallet every few moments.

Lego DC Super Villains Showing the alternate super villains who are sent to help darksied do obliterate the earth

To write this review I played Lego Super Villains exclusively with my son and so am writing the review from that perspective. If you are a fan of Lego games you will not be disappointed with this title even if you play alone but playing with a child is when you will get the most from any Lego game.

I missed many of the gags in the game but the laughter from my son made sure I “got” all the jokes. The laughter of a child, as a parent, there is nothing more joyous than the sound of your child laughing, giggling and even better when you have been playing a game together and for a short time, you are the favourite.

Lego DC Super Villains manages to bridge a gap between young and old gamers. There is so much happening for my son at 7 years old. Collecting characters, fighting the “bad guys” and all manner of skills to learn. For me, at 45 I find the plots extremely engaging, the jokes are genuinely funny and will often raise a little chuckle from me, the puzzles can be challenging even if they are mostly solved by smashing everything up and then rebuilding something but the key thing, and something Travellers’ Tales have managed to do with Lego DC Supervillains is to keep things fresh and interesting despite this being their 19th Lego title.


Lego DC Super Villains image showing wonder woman flying high in the sky only its not wonder women, its the evil wonder woman from a bad earth


It’s often the case that the villains are more interesting characters in comic books and this is certainly true for Lego DC Super Villains. The premise of the story is that the Justice League have gone missing at the hands of the Justice Syndicate. A group of heroes from another earth that are far eviler than the Villains of Earth.

It turns out that they have arrived to assist Darkseid (voiced by the exceptionally talented Michael Ironside) and his evil plans to obliterate all. This means that even though you are a playing as the bad guys, you are actually the good guys so morally, the game is fine.

One of the things my son likes to do in all Lego games is to create his own characters, I’m sure he is not alone in this and so including character creation at the centre of the story was a really smart move. It also added a mild RPG element to the game as you play through levelling your character with new and better skills.

Lego DC Super Villains Showing Grodd and butterfly ready for a fight the the reverse flash is in the image too

As we played the game, I recognised many of the voices of the other characters and upon checking the voice talent line up was remarkable. Mark Hamill voices, among others, the Joker and Trickster, Kevin Conroy as Batman and Tara Strong as Harley Quinn, Batgirl and Raven, Michael Dorn as Worf, no not really but he did voice Kalibak, John Barrowman reprises his role as Michael Merlin, Nolan North as Ultraman, Kent Clarkson and Bizarro and Brandon Roth voices as Shazam and The Atom. The list goes on, you can check the full list here

Whilst the character you create is voiceless you certainly are not left out of the story. You are the butt of a lot of jokes and are central to the story of Lego DC Super Villains as it progresses. When you create your character you have free reign to add whatever traits you like, however, as you play through the game you will unlock new skills that will help the story progress. You can freely switch characters during the missions and once completed you can play again in free play. This is essential to do as most levels will need skills or characters not with you in order to reach an inaccessible or secret area, often the place of new character unlocks, red or gold bricks or kits of one type or another.

In multiplayer switching characters is essential if you are playing with a youngster as sometimes the game mechanic is a little too complicated for them to successfully complete a task. I often find that once I have demonstrated something once my son is able to copy so it isn’t a fault in the game but a comprehension issue from a child.

Lego DC Super Villains showing The Riddler and Scarecrow who are playable characters in the game

Playing as the bad guys is really great fun and not since Lego Batman 3 have we had as much fun as the baddies and the mechanic is improved here too. There are certain areas in the game which allow you to recruit henchman to complete a puzzle, whilst not taxing it is a welcome addition.

The puzzles are not complicated but have taken a lot longer than necessary at times as my son always wanted to be a specific character, would never be where he was supposed to and often that character, the one that is now miles away, is the one needed. A minor frustration but if you play with a 7-year-old, completing tasks is not the first priority.

The fighting is kid friendly and one area of the game that could do with a second, more complicated system for adult gamers that could be switched to. There are 162 characters to unlock and some have several different versions of themselves however they all share the basic attack with some having ranged attacks or special moves but essentially you could press one button over and over to complete most fights.

Playing as the bad guys is a nice change and something that Travellers Tales have done well is to keep the game feeling light and fun, very kid friendly whilst all the while being “bad”.

Lego DC Super Villains image showing the Joker, Harley Quinn, Mercy and Lex Luthor. Lex Luthor is in a superman suit

After the first few missions you enter into the open world and I found my son looking to me to lead him into what to do next. I can see a child on their own getting overwhelmed at this point and it would have been good to see some assistance for the younger child to aid their progression. Maybe a highlighted mission marker on the map wouldn’t go amiss.

Whilst we played, we didn’t go out of our way to collect all of the bricks and other collectables but this is often something that will bring us back to a Lego game. For example, the first Lego game we bought was Lego Marvel Super Heroes and so far we have played for 107 hours. This is a substantial amount of time to put into a game and we still haven’t found all the collectables. I can see a similar future for Lego DC Super Villains.



In Summary
Lego DC Super Villains is a fantastic game and a wonderful way to spend time with your child. Hearing them laugh, knowing the content will not suddenly become offensive or gory when characters die, they disappear or explode into confetti and when there are dark topics they are addressed with humour and with a light-hearted attitude.
If you have ever played a Lego game you will know what to expect from Lego DC Super Villains and there is a lot of game here and an awful lot of fun to be had and you will need to enjoy the game for what it is, however, if you game with your kids, this is the best Lego game yet released and is an essential purchase.

Lego DC Super Villains
  • 92%
    Gameplay - 92%
  • 90%
    Graphics - 90%
  • 86%
    Sound - 86%
  • 82%
    Longevity - 82%
  • 91%
    Value - 91%


A truly great Lego game which will be loved by young and old alike.

I am a dad to two small children, I am tired, really tired.

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