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Anyone who plays Ride 3 will be reminded of games like Project Gotham Racing, Gran Tourismo or even in some ways, Forza. Maybe Forza, the original for the Xbox 360 is the reason I have a feeling of Deja Vue when I play it.

So far this year Milestone has been churning out games at a rate of knots, so far they have released Gravel, Monster Energy Supercross, MotoGP 18, MXGP Pro, and now Ride 3.

These titles have launched on PC, Xbox One and PS4. MotoGP 18 and Monster Energy Supercross also released on Nintendo Switch.

That may seem like a lot, however, MotoGP 18 is a terrible game, it feels like an arcade racer but should be a simulator. Wait a minute, isn’t ride 3 an arcade racer? Maybe only 4 games have been released and a reskin!

Ride 3 image showing a night time race track with neon lights in the city on wet tarmac

Ride 3 is not a simulator

 Ride 3 is not a simulator, let me reiterate that, this is not a motorcycle simulator. This is unashamedly an arcade racing experience and whilst the bikes handle quite differently there is a childlike quality to the movements in Ride 3. There are some bikes that jitter around and others that are slow to turn and cumbersome but all of them have a disconnect from the way a bike really moves whilst at the same time they are all equally the same distance away from reality. A bit like MotoGP 18.

If I were a cynical person, I would surmise that Ride 3 is so similar to MotoGP 18 that you could be easily convinced that they were the same game just with different graphics.

Well, I am cynical and the problem is, it really feels like MotoGP 18 and Ride 3 are the same title but with different graphics.

This may sound like an issue but in fact Ride 3 is an arcade racer, the handling, the way the bikes feel is right, it’s good and its fun.

Ride 3 image on the Tenerife track showing a clear blue sky on a dusty looking road

Ride 3 will bring you bacon!

Everywhere MotoGP 18 fails to deliver Ride 3 brings home the bacon. There is a sense of familiarity with the progression that again harks back to the time I played Forza. The progression of the bikes, specifically the way the ratings of each bike changes as you improve certain aspects, engine, brakes, suspension, exhaust etc. This is not a complaint as I loved the way Forza worked.

If you have played TT Isle of Man you will know how a bike should feel in a simulation and this is why MotoGP 18 was such a disappointment. This is not what is expected with Ride 3.

Ride 3 features 30 tracks and a staggering 230 bikes. There are café racers, street racers, pure bread track beasts and naked bikes that look fantastic. The bikes all sound a little too weak for my liking but the tracks look fantastic. They should do, they were created with a mix of Aerial photography and Drone footage. The track surfaces are largely smooth and offer no real innovation, however, it works for Ride 3.

The full track list:

  • Airport UK
  • Brands Hatch Circuit        UK
  • Castelletto Circuit             Italy
  • Cadwell Park Circuit         UK
  • Daytona International Speedway              USA
  • Donington Park Circuit   UK
  • Autodromo di Franciacorta – Daniel Bonara          Italy
  • Garda Lake          Italy
  • Imatra   Finland
  • Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari Imola      Italy
  • WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca         USA
  • Macau  China
  • Circuit De Nevers Magny-Cours France
  • Autodromo Nazionale Di Monza Italy
  • Nürburgring Nordschleife             Germany
  • North West 200 Ireland
  • Nürburgring GP-Strecke Germany
  • Okayama International Circuit     Japan
  • Pista South Milano – Ottobiano Italy
  • Oulton Park Circuit           UK
  • Autódromo Internacional do Algarve       Portugal
  • Road America    USA
  • Route 66              USA
  • Salt Flats              USA
  • Southern 100 – Billown Circuit    Isle of Man
  • Sportsland SUGO             Japan
  • Tenerife               Spain
  • The Snake           USA
  • Ulster GP             Ireland
  • Autodromo Vallelunga “Piero Taruffi”     Italy

Multiplayer is a very basic affair however, there are weekly challenges and leaderboards if that is the sort of thing that floats your boat.

Something that a good racer should offer is consistency. What I mean by this is, if I ride the same bike on the same track can I register the same time repeatedly. If I can then I can work shaving time from it until I am at the ragged edge of my ability.

Ride 3 showing a rider looking down a very long straight and trying to pass other riders on the right as they are bunched on the left hand side of the track

Ride 3 has done reasonably well here. I can consistently lap Brands Hatch, the track I am most familiar with from all games, within a second of my time. I think the track itself seems shorter somehow and not as wide in places but it is a good example of Brands Hatch in a game and despite its apparent smooth finish it works well in the game.

Being an arcade game you cannot expect bikes to handle in a realistic way but it does seem as though there is a gyro in the bike somewhere keeping my wheels firmly on the tarmac. I have high sided once and am yet to low side, even when taking a corner at full chat in the wet. I have tried overleaning and coming in too fast with a wide entrance to cut in tight on a corner and still I haven’t slid out. It is perhaps a little too forgiving and makes the game feel a little dumbed down. The bikes will squirrel under acceleration if you turn the TCS off but with it on you will be lucky to get a wheelspin or a slide in the wet.

Whilst there are different weather conditions there is no dynamic weather system which is something, I thought was a mainstay in all racing games now-a-days.

The races themselves are many and varied, the campaign will see you taking on the obligatory time trials and straight up races, however, there are times when a shock comes your way. Drag Racing is fun, a lot of fun and I really like it. I am not as enamoured with the Supermoto bikes and their tracks but overall the campaign is big enough to satisfy every appetite.

Ride 3 wet track on a grey day the rider is about to overtake and there is a line showing the best racing line up ahead hugging the apex of the corner

There are some issues with the game that I cannot forgive. Before you get to the finish line of the last lap, a message appears saying race over. I thought this was happening when the bike in front crossed the line, however, after the first few races, I started to win a lot, the message appeared again. If this is a feature its irritating and if it’s a bug its absurd that the game launched with a bug of this nature, it’s too obvious. You have to upgrade your bike to the max in every category before you can reasonably be expected to complete a time challenge at a reasonable time.

In Summary

There is a lot of game here and if you can cope with the pace of progression and the few minor annoyances then you will really like Ride 3. I am having a blast and I can honestly say that even though I have been really enjoying sim-racing at the moment I like Ride 3, so it’s no mean feat to be able to sway my opinion.

Not for the Hardcore sim racers
  • 68%
    Gameplay - 68%
  • 70%
    Graphics - 70%
  • 74%
    Sound - 74%
  • 65%
    Longevity - 65%
  • 61%
    Value - 61%


Fun for a little while but you will soon yearn for something with more depth.

I am a dad to two small children, I am tired, really tired.

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