The upcoming Major Overhaul of Space Engineers Survival is going live on Thursday, February 28, 2019. 

This is going to be a big day for Keen Software House because it also going to be the day they move the game out of Early Access.

Space Engineers in space building on a platform


  • Massive overhaul of survival in Space Engineers
  • Space Engineers going out of Early Access
  • Release stream Thursday, February 28, 2019, 5PM UTC over at Keen Community Network

Getting out of Early Access has been planned for a long time. We have worked on it basically since 2016/2017 when the game entered beta. It was our goal to release the game in the state we consider to fulfil our original vision, including all planned features and core game components. Moreover, it includes a lot of things that were not planned at the beginning of the game’s development (solar panels, planets, rotors, pistons, wheels, and many more features).

Space Engineers was one of the first Early Access games on Steam and one of the few titles  that will be successfully released after several years of passionate development. We keep our promises.

The reason its leaving Early Access is because we have a solid foundation, which will allow us to continue releasing new features and content for the game. The future looks bright!

crashed ship on a planet

Space Engineers has been in Early Access for 5+ years, and during this period we developed the game from a proof-of-concept to a feature complete space engineering sandbox.

We went through more than 200 updates, which include major game changes such as planets, super-large worlds, improved the multithreaded physics and much more! You can view all the updates in chronological order here.

We sold more than 3 million copies and we have more than 200,000 monthly active players.

We listened to our community, and used a lot of this feedback to improve the game where we could. It has been a rewarding and productive cooperation, which we really enjoyed! And something that we will continue to enjoy in the future. The Space Engineers community is strong, growing, and present.

We expect that some people will have concerns regarding what leaving Early Access means for the future of Space Engineers – if we are now going to abandon the game. We won’t stop working on Space Engineers and we feel good about the foundation we have built. Therefore, I think the answer is clear: This is not the end. This is just the beginning!

space engineers working together to build a structure

Q: Will you abandon the Space Engineers? 
A: No.

Q: Will you fix bug X or Y? 
A: Most likely it is already fixed in the upcoming update (we fixed numerous bugs). We will continue to fix bugs even after the Major Survival Overhaul update. We will continue to monitor the support site for both bugs and feature suggestions

Q: What will come next? 
A: Expanding the Space Engineers franchise with new features, blocks, and scenarios. We’re going to take Space Engineers to exciting places when it comes to gameplay, immersion, and challenges!

Q: Are you working on a new game already? 
A: No, we are currently focused on continuing to develop Space Engineers.

Q: I am disappointed because you never implemented features I wanted for this game. It’s not the game I expected.
A: While we are in the process of  completing the foundation of Space Engineers, we will be adding new content to the game in the future. It’s still very likely that we will implement some of features that you’ve requested. We are looking to the future and continuing to build on our strong foundation.

space engineers flying a huge capital ship

Mark your calendar for Thursday, February 28, 2019, 5PM UTC, because this day will bring many new things and surprises (not seen during the public tests). This will be a truly momentous day for the Space Engineers community.

We are planning many new things for Space Engineers and we will start revealing them soon 🙂 Stay tuned!

We couldn’t have made it this far without the amazing support of our community! Thank you all!

Would you like to know more? 
For more details continue to our blog post, that goes into great depth about the news and changes.   

Thank you for reading this!
Marek Rosa, CEO, Creative Director and Founder at Keen Software House  

I am a dad to two small children, I am tired, really tired.

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