May 18, 2021

Astroneer leaves early access as 1.0 launches today

Developer System Era Softworks is composed of AAA veterans reaching for the stars with their hopeful vision for the future of human space exploration. The team, which includes senior staff from Bungie, Ubisoft, Disney, Valve and many more, usher in a new era of intrepid interplanetary escapades with 1.0’s bountiful expansion of new content.

Anno 1800 Open Beta dates

Anno 1800 will release worldwide on April 16th, 2019 on Windows PC. Players who pre-order Anno 1800 will receive the Imperial Pack containing extra content for the game. Digital Deluxe and Pioneers Editions owners will have access to exclusive content including the Anarchist character.

Farming Simulator 19 Review

I have a big issue with the repetitiveness inherent in Farming Simulator 19. I get bored very quickly of doing the same thing over but I found the controls to be unintuitive and very cumbersome to use too.