Who better than Neebs Gaming to get people interested in Satisfactory, a new IP from Coffee Stain Studios.

The company behind the insane Goat Simulator will be launching Satisfactory later this year.

The game is a far larger project than anything Coffee Stain has yet produced but it looks incredible and from the early footage we have seen it looks like a very polished product already.

satisfactory conveyer belt everywhere

“We’re a small team and Satisfactory is a hugely ambitious project which we’ve had our heart set on creating for a long time. There will be bugs and flaws but we’ve reached a point in development where the game is stable enough to offer an awesome experience and we’re looking forward to inviting players to join us on this exciting Early Access journey. We can’t wait to see what players build, both in terms of their own factories, and their vision for the future of the game.”

Oscar Jilsén, Game Director at Coffee Stain Studios

Stay tuned for a premature evaluation soon.

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