If coffee was this popular there would be a starbucks on every corner

Alpha 2 update

Indie developer TheSociopathSoftware Is excited to announce the Alpha 2 update to its isometric hardcore tycoon game CoffeeBiz.

Thats a lot of stats for a CoffeeBiz

Key new features are:

  • New locations – two new locations to run a coffee business – industrial with blue-collar customer type and neighborhood with an extremely good attitude to coffee business.
  • Updated marketing – new customer decision making AI for more realistic demand simulation. Also, poor/casual/rich customers stratification implemented.
  • New employee – workers energy, performance and mood reworked. New “stamina” skill implemented.
  • Office and management – finally working the way it should work.
  • New coffee machines – industrial type coffee machines for late game strategies.

About the game

CoffeeBiz Tycoon is a unique mix of entrepreneurship fun and complicated business simulation. Start your first coffee kiosk, brew, expand, hire, deal with competitors, build a well-known brand, risk, and do everything else needed to build a prosperous and profitable business. Created in isometric pixel art graphic style by a single developer.

I am a dad to two small children, I am tired, really tired.

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