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Does Activision hate Hardcore Gamers?

Call of Duty Multiplayer has upset me so much that even though it has been some time since I have been able to sit at my desk and type I had to get this off my chest first.

I had a very bad fall and have been off work for a long time. In that time I have been playing games, just playing for fun, no reviewing or critiquing. Playing the games I want to and enjoying nearly every moment.

That is until I started playing Call of Duty Black Ops 4. It came with a Humble Monthly subscription so I thought I would give it a whirl.

I like to play Hardcore mode in most FPS games. I like the fact that you can kill and be killed with a few shots and I find it takes away the ability for people to game the system.

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Using that armour perk or always running in a pair, maybe that little lie down stand up wiggle I can’t seem to get right or the jumping around every corner.

Hardcore mode gives me a more realistic experience, not only less nonsense on screen but more man v man. It isn’t about who has the best weapon or the most attachments. It’s about seeing and shooting first, positioning and map knowledge.

So why is it then that I have not had a good time in Call of Duty playing Hardcore mode.

Well, let me start with the fact I like to play objective based games. It harks back to outwitting an opponent, taking an objective and figuring out where they are likely to counter-attack from.

man with tatoos looking right

Attacking from a position they least expect when you are counterattacking or the position they expect you to attack from because they will be expecting you to attack from the least expected direction. Do you get my point?

So there is a game mode I cannot stand, Search and Destroy. On the surface, I should love it, slow, thoughtful with a great deal of guesswork about where the enemy is and where they are coming from.

I really like Counterstrike for example but in Call of Duty Multiplayer, this game mode feels wrong.

If I had to say why it doesn’t work it would be the type of gamer that Call of Duty attracts. Now I am not saying that only kids play Call of Duty, I am 45 and I often speak with people my age and above who regularly play but there is a definite slant towards the younger gamer.

Whatever the reason that causes me to hate this game mode is beside the point, the fact is, I do not like it. It attracts a different type of player and I am happy for them to play that way.

However, and this is the reason for this entire article. Someone at Activision has decided that Hardcore is not popular and given only a scant few game modes to it, not only that but they have decided that the only objective games will be Domination and Search and Destroy. They then decided to put both of these incredibly different game modes into the same category called Objective Mosh-pit and give you no way to choose which of the two extremely different modes you would like to play.

famas about to shoot

What sort of moron thought that would be a good idea?

Call of Duty Multiplayer was my go-to game when I played on console. I would play Hardcore Headquarters in COD Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2. I never had to wait for a game and the Hardcore modes, whilst not as popular as the Core game modes were always full and I rarely came across the same names.

Now in the age of dumbing everything down Hardcore modes are not being offered, so fewer people play these modes because there is less choice and so someone decided that because fewer people are playing they would offer less choice and so fewer people play and so on until eventually, we will end up with nothing.

I will tweet this article to Activision, I have found many forums asking for Hardcore modes to be separated and for more to be added but it appears that the game has sold plenty so no one is listening now. Its a shame, I am able to work again so gaming purely fun had to stop, thank you Activision, you killed the fun.

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