January 18, 2022

Where have we been?

I have had lots of emails asking what has happened to the site, why haven’t I been posting news or reviews etc.

I thought I would make a post here to let you all know why things have been quiet.

Firstly, let me allay your fears, the site is not now or ever shutting down. However, what you may not realise is that I am one man, one disabled man who is supposed to use a wheelchair but still walks!

I broke my back in 2005, I now have nerve damage and a deteriorating condition that will eventually lead to me using a wheelchair full time.

For now I am still walking because if I give up, I will need the wheelchair sooner.

This does mean that I fall quite often and a few months ago I had a pretty bad fall that started at the top of the stairs and ended up with me not able to sit for long enough to get any work done.

I am recovering and sort of back to work however, I am going to be posting in a limited capacity.

This at least means that I will be adding news daily and will also cover any titles I feel are worth looking at.

Thank you for all the messages of concern and well being and I hope I can get back to bringing you the awesome reviews and honest content as soon as possible.


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