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You have to love Croteam and their attitude towards making SCUM. They want it to be an accurate survival simulator but they also want to make a fun game.

So far I think they are doing a great job of providing this. There is a seriousness to the game that could be overwhelming if it wasn’t for the fun they have added.

Seriously, who hasn’t taken a dump in their friend’s bed? My friends dirtied my bathroom and kitchen table, which they then set fire to, all because I was getting a bit house proud.

SCUM Archery

If you want proof take a look at the Archery update video below. Look at the level of detail Croteam have undertaken to accurately portray the archer’s paradox. A well-known phenomenon that explains how an arrow can hit a target when it isn’t actually fired directly at it. If you are interested there is a far more detail explanation over at My Archery Corner and it even has pictures so those of you reading this in Wales can understand it.

This level of detail would be overwhelming for most if it hadn’t been explained in the video as “The arrow wiggles in the air like a big pink dildo”.

Now we all understand the mechanics and level of detail in the game but also we know where to aim, assuming we have all thrown a big pink dildo like a javelin at some point, I know I have.

If you are interested in SCUM then you can find out more about it in our exclusive interview with Josip Barisic from Croteam.

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