Train tycoon game ‘Railroad Corporation’ gets new sandbox mode

Railroad Corporation Main image with logo
Railroad Corporation Sandbox update image

Corbie Games and Iceberg Interactive are happy to announce the first major update to train tycoon strategy game Railroad Corporation, currently available through Steam’s Early Access program.

The new update will allow you to fully focus on expanding your train network and growing your corporation, by featuring a sandbox mode. This means that the game will be more customizable and lets you experiment without timers or objectives in a brand-new gameplay mode – making it a streaming game with endless possibilities.

Begin your career as an ambitious employee of a 19th-century railroad company, in the Golden Age of Steam.

Manage the business by obeying the directions of your bosses. Build railroads, tunnels and bridges to towns and cities, old and new, and decide how to use the railroad to the best advantage of the company.

Marvel at the stunningly beautiful scenery that you must blast, dig and tunnel through – nothing must stop the railroad! If you excel, you will get the chance to set up your own railroad corporation, build up the local economy and earn your fortune in the New World.

In order to be the very best, you must involve yourself in every aspect of your railroad empire: making new investment decisions, lobbying politicians, managing the global resources of your business empire, and constantly looking over your shoulder at the competition.

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