January 18, 2022

User Accounts and Registrations Removed

Before I begin can I firstly say thank you to everyone who has continued to support and visit the site on a daily basis during my recovery and for all your messages of well being.

I appreciate every one of you and I thank you from the bottom of my (now broken but slightly repaired) heart.

I am sorry to announce it this way but by posting in news the greatest number of people will be able to see this for the greatest length of time.

After continued spam and repeated attempts to hack the site I have had to make the tough decision to remove all user accounts, close the forum and remove comments from articles.

The number of hacking attempts and spam comments outweighed the genuine comments by a factor of over 8 to 1 and continuing to monitor this is just not tenable.

I am sorry to see the forum close but I just do not have the ability to police the forum and so I had to make the decision to remove the forum from the site.

I hope this is not too disappointing and I am certainly not saying these pages are gone forever.

Thank you for your understanding.