January 18, 2022

Battle Hunters

Battle Hunters Cover

Battle Hunters is new, no, Battle Hunters is an old looking, no wait, Battle Hunters is an RPG that looks like it was made 10 years ago and was remastered for a release on the Nintendo Wii.

Yes, nailed it.

So, as with most of my reviews, I will start with the negatives, if you want to see the positives scroll down, waaay down.

Vendor in Battle Hunters

OK, so Battle Hunters isn’t going to do it for me on the graphics front. There is no voice acting and instead, I had to sit and read my way through a game. Forgive me for moaning about this but for the love of God, I would have taken a Polish person who couldn’t speak English that well doing the voice-over than have to sit and read the story about something being important or whatnot.

Unable to get the negatives out the way we can get into what is essentially, a game that doesn’t have any redeeming features.

There is really nothing to like and a lot to dislike but on the whole, you will have to read this review knowing that I am not the intended audience for this game.

I am a fat 47-year-old man with no patience, a broken back and a dodgy heart so forgive me for not really getting the appeal for this game. To make sure I was not being too harsh I grabbed my 9-year-old son and asked if he would like a go. Now to be fair, he has the attention span of a gnat and is not a discerning customer. In fact, I once saw him eat French Fries that were dipped in a thick shake. “I’ve seen people do this, he’s not a monster” I hear you protest. Did I mention they had ketchup on too? Point proved my son sat down to play Battle Hunters and here are his sentiments in order.


“How do I get a better sword”

“Yes, Daddy look I beat them”

“This is boring shall we play Among Us?”

It took 10 minutes and two battles and my 9-year-old, the person I am sure this game is aimed at, became bored. He wasn’t interested in collecting the characters and he certainly wasn’t interested in carrying on.

Battle scene

I have lots of issues with Battle Hunters. First and foremost, you cannot have a game with 28 characters, progressively difficult enemies and only allow the player to level up the 3 characters he is allowed to take onto each fight. And don’t go about thinking you will be allowed to take a character into a fight that is low level to gain XP because if a character dies in a fight, they don’t get the XP.

Great, 28 characters and I can really only play with the first 3 I found because everyone else is too low level. The main issue here is that you can’t go back and do the low-level fights again with the new characters to level them up so there I was, stuck with the first 4 characters to choose from. Well, 5 but you get where I am with this right?

This review feels like I am bashing Battle Hunters and for the most part, I am because this game is not worthy of being a PC title. Graphically it should be on the PlayStation, gameplay-wise it should have been released in 2008 and as for strategy, well, you can either attack, eat food or drink a potion and then attack or dodge then attack, or you can defend, which means you take slightly less damage but cannot attack. The formation of your characters seems to have no bearing on the outcome of the battle and if you try to fight a creature which is a higher level you lose, fight a creature that is a lower level you win. That is not my definition of strategy.

Battle Hunters Lava Scene

If the graphics are from 2008 the minimap was made on a VGA monitor at 640 x 480 and then scaled up to HD without adding any detail. In essence, it’s a blurry mess that looks like I am playing on an Oculus rift screen.

Moving around the map you will find battles with chests, the chests need skeleton keys and you will get these by defeating enemies, there are also barrels and boxes which people have just left lying around with items in, quite cleverly there is only ever one item per chest, barrel or box. Inside these boxes, could be potions, food, and of course, blocks of cheese. Our heroes are happy to eat this box cheese with no fear of listeria or salmonella or the law as theft by finding is a crime.

You can get gold by defeating enemies or sometimes it has just been left in the boxes next to some cheese or a carrot. You can spend this tiny amount of gold at the vendors who are dotted about the map. A wandering caravan vendor selling food who is always in the same place or a farmer selling potions etc, it’s a very standard affair.

Your first Characters in Battle Hunters

The gameplay loop is essentially, walk around, fight an enemy, find a new character, lament that they are too low level to fight with you, move on to a dungeon which is the same as the above ground levels.

There are higher-level characters to meet but I didn’t find anyone who was capable of being added to my team after the first 5 characters had been recruited. I then found that after a while I was only able to keep two of the fighters alive because one character would die, not get the experience, not level up at the same rate and therefore not be able to level up health.

There is an RPG element to Battle Hunters in the way you level your characters but it’s a dated and stale mechanic. Had this game appeared recently on my iPad I would have blasted it for the exact same reasons but this game is asking for £11.39 of your hard-earned cash and it would be overpriced if it was a £4.99 iPad title.

While you are in battle you will slowly build up to your special attack which is the element of play, I assume is the strategy because using these at the right time will help win difficult battles. When I say the right time I, of course, mean as soon as they are available because other than additional attack power there doesn’t appear to be much else to it. One of the characters, I forget which, it’s a red one has an ability that pushes the enemy away but it’s pointless so I stopped using her.

I failed to complete the game but this was nothing to do with skill, there came a point when I realised, I was just not having fun, in fact, I was having the opposite of fun which is a major depressive episode.

The psychotic depressive episode in full flow I sat down to write this review and I always like to finish my reviews talking about a game’s positive points. I don’t like to slate other peoples hard work and particularly an independent games company but releasing this game on PC was a mistake.  This is a mobile release with maybe a release for Wii or a budget Switch title.

The issue I have is that my son plays games, he is 9, he found this boring. My daughter plays Roblox with her brother and Barbie games on her iPad, she is 7, she became bored very quickly too. So, if the game is not meant for me, or my children, who is it aimed at?

The game would run on a potato though so you could probably even install this at work. Your job would have to be incredibly dull to want to play this instead.

I am a day late with this review. I only received it a couple of days ago so wanted to give it a good play before I wrote about it. It has allowed me time to see other peoples reviews and there are some very dishonest reviewers out there who have scored this game quite well. I will be telling the truth and don’t expect Battle Hunters to get a great score.

In Summary

I found very little to like about Battle Hunters and have found very little to say positive about it. Actually, I cannot say anything positive about it. It has no redeeming features and my time with it was time I feel I wasted.  

Battle Hunters
  • 12%
    Gameplay - 12%
  • 8%
    Graphics - 8%
  • 15%
    Sound - 15%
  • 8%
    Longevity - 8%
  • 5%
    Value - 5%

One of the worst games I have ever installed

Not a game I would ever want to play again and not one I recommend you play now. There are no redeeming features and this game would be better suited to a phone or tablet.