The PC Man Reviews aims to inform players and audiences of the performance of PC Video Games, Hardware and Software through objective reviews, fair reporting, and community involvement.

We’re Different

We see what’s going on out there; reviewers and game developers seem to be scratching each other’s backs. We take a different approach guaranteeing our independence from game studios and delivering a very fair and open process of game evaluation that provides you with the tools for decision making; not just reasons you should “buy”.

Our Team

Nothing really to see here.  We’re a rag-tag group of enthusiast gamers who want to share our experiences with video games we play.  We have no agenda, no motive, and our authors are sourced directly from Steam or Game Forums and recruited when we spot critical analysis made about a game.

Our Reporting

Our sources are largely based on press releases from other companies combined with traditional journalism and finding links and leads while investigating our sources and verifying the integrity of the news articles we publish.