Wildlands Weapons Locations

In Ghost Recon Wildlands you begin with access to a P416, an MP5 and a P45T to find the rest of the weapons you will need to traverse the map and start looking. Here is a quick guide to help you find what you want. Assault rifles:   AK-47: Found in Media Moon. His AK-47: […]

Beat Cop First Impressions

Releasing into steam early access on the 30th of March 2017 Beat Cop is a retro-styled side-scroller being released by Pixel Crow and 11 bit studios who also brought us This War of Mine. A game loved by fans and critics alike. In beat cop you play as Jack Kelly, a detective framed for murder. […]


So, Miscreated, its early access, it seems that every game of this ilk is early access these days and so I was very sceptical about picking up another early access title. I also think the similarities you could draw between Miscreated and DayZ made me reluctant to buy the game at first and that there […]