Book of Demons cover image showing a flame with a skull in it

Book of Demons releases a trailer

Its just might be crazy enough to work!     The previous update was called Dungeons and Streamers. The Dungeons & Streamers DLC allows Twitch and Mixer streamers a highly configurable way to interact with their audience as they play Book of Demons. The free DLC increases interaction between streamers and fans beyond the mere […]

Pathfinder Kingmaker cover image

Pathfinder: Kingmaker honest review

Pathfinder: Kingmaker is a tabletop RPG from Owlcat Games. If you have ever played Baldurs Gate then you will be able to slip into Pathfinder: Kingmaker in the same way that an old man slips into a pair of comfortable slippers. Unfortunately, before I played Pathfinder: Kingmaker, I had been playing Divinity 2, a game […]