Dead Alliance Beta is free this weekend

Seize the dead in three exhilarating game modes from July 27th – July 31st Maximum Games has launched the free* multiplayer open beta of the upcoming team-based shooter Dead Alliance, running from July 27th – July 31st. The open beta invites players to turn the undead into weapons against their enemies in three intense game modes – […]

Moses and Amaterasu Join the FIGHT OF GODS

The Sun and the Seas are no match for these! Wherever we go, the only question on everyone’s lips is “Which God’s Next?”. Finally ready to answer the cries of the people, developer Digital Crafter is pleased to announce the latest additions to the FIGHT OF GODS roster – Moses and Amaterasu! FIGHT OF GODS is coming […]


Set in a distant future where mankind is no longer confined to Earth, the new Hellion cinematic trailer gives viewers a glimpse of the disaster that struck humanity’s attempt to build the first interstellar colony. Beginning with intimate shots of the crew’s quarters—scattered personal belongings floating through the cabins—the trailer hints at the dark force that drove […]

Genesis Alpha One E3 Trailer

Build the future in this unique roguelike survival base builder/shooter Team17 and  Radiation Blue have today released a brand new E3 trailer for Genesis Alpha One, a stunning new sci-fi game powered by Unreal Engine 4 and combining a unique mix of roguelike FPS, base building and survival elements heading to PC (and console). The new trailer […]

Destiny 2 will be here sooner than we thought!

The latest from Bungie and Activision Publishing, Inc. was an announcement about the early launch date for Destiny 2 although console gamers will get the game earlier still.  The PC version launch date is scheduled for October 24th and is now available to pre-order via®, Blizzard Entertainment’s online gaming service. Debuted during the E3 Sony […]

streamdeck packshot

Stream Deck

Elgato Gaming Ships Stream Deck, the Groundbreaking Live Content Tool Content Creators Can Elevate Their Production Value with Stream Deck, the First Affordable Solution For Professional-Grade Live Broadcasts SAN FRANCISCO – May 15, 2017 – Elgato Gaming today announced the release of Stream Deck, a professional-studio-grade controller that allows content creators to better manage their […]