Kathy Rain

KATHY RAIN: A DETECTIVE IS BORN   THE BASICS: “Kathy Rain” is a skillfully-modernized update of the classic Sierra/LucasArts-style point & click adventure games. Aside from a couple of text entry screens, the entire game is controlled entirely via the mouse. Your inventory lives in a handy backpack at the bottom of the screen, and […]


Inmates, a game that made a proclamation that it is a story-driven, atmospheric psychological horror game, developed by Davit Andreasyan and published by Iceberg Interactive. You play as Johnathon who finds himself in a run-down prison, and he has to find out what is happening and how to escape.   The game has some very […]


All too often does a game get too little hype like the blister child of an abortion failure home, leaving it to writhe around in its own filth and die at the hands of a merciless world. Astroneer, however, got quite the spotlight on steam around its release time. Coming out in the center of December […]