Battlefleet: Gothic Armada

Welcome to Space Boot Camp Battlefleet: Gothic Armada is an officially-licensed real-time-strategy game based on Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40K tabletop combat game. It’s ship-to-ship combat out in the reaches of space; set during the time of the Gothic War. You are the Admiral in charge of an ever-growing fleet of great space battleships. Your admiral […]

Kathy Rain

KATHY RAIN: A DETECTIVE IS BORN   THE BASICS: “Kathy Rain” is a skillfully-modernized update of the classic Sierra/LucasArts-style point & click adventure games. Aside from a couple of text entry screens, the entire game is controlled entirely via the mouse. Your inventory lives in a handy backpack at the bottom of the screen, and […]

The Fidelio Incident

  THE BASICS: A Walking Simulator set on a below-freezing island, with some minor adventure elements. You’re the only living creature you ever encounter (save for some stinging jellyfish that just stay put in order to keep you on the path) is yourself. Immersive atmosphere – grand music, solid voice acting, and even the snow/wind/etc […]

Mantis Burn Racing and DLC

In the early 90s, I had an Amiga 500+. I remember playing Lombard Rally on it to show my friends the amazing graphics and that the driver moved the wheel AND changed gears. I would shout “get ready” as gear change was coming and then “look” as he did it. Whilst a stripy road passed […]


Inmates, a game that made a proclamation that it is a story-driven, atmospheric psychological horror game, developed by Davit Andreasyan and published by Iceberg Interactive. You play as Johnathon who finds himself in a run-down prison, and he has to find out what is happening and how to escape.   The game has some very […]


  Techwars II is an online 5v5 MOBA set up in an isometric viewpoint. You and a bunch of others (including bots, if need be) pilot mechs that are traipsing through the environment, blowing up as much stuff as they can, while doing their best to acquire and hang on to all of the maps’ […]

Offensive Combat: Redux

Offensive Combat has been resurrected and is now Offensive Combat: Redux. I have to admit never having heard of let alone played Offensive Combat but in preparing for this review I found that it was pretty much a cult classic browser game that had a pretty large following. I am sure the people that loved […]

Quantum Break

Like any good movie, the game starts out with our protagonist paying a visit to the physics lab, just popping in to visit his old pal Paul (I’m not evil) Serene. When the experiment goes tits up you, well actually Mr Ordinary Jack Joyce, ends up with some time manipulation skills. You can stop time, […]