Early Review: EverSpace

Who hasn’t dreamed of being an astronaut or a fighter pilot, right?  EverSpace aims to address those two dreams by putting the player in a 3-D cockpit and allowing that player to duke it out in space while scavenging and mining for resources to progress to the next area. Starting out, I was impressed with […]


What a political cluster fuck. Oh, sorry. What idiotic rabble. My game of Stellaris has evolved into federation talk. In case you haven’t heard of Stellaris, the Grand Strategy game by Paradox, I’ll give you the rundown. Stellaris starts you off as a species (or a couple of species) that just grasped the torch of […]

Shock Tactics

Oh how one wishes death upon one’s cause of suffering. The agony, and disgust I felt while playing solitaire and losing 5 times in a row was immense. However, the failure filled card game was only a cool down after playing the dump that is Shock Tactics. I wanted nothing more than to stop and […]

Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2 is very different from the first Titanfall game. I played Titanfall for some time and whilst it was fun the myriad of flaws stopped me coming back too often. I wasn’t a fan of the movement, not the traversal system itself which is great but the way the Pilot and particularly the Mech […]

For Honor

Thinking about the good Melee focused combat games out there, like Chivalry Medieval Warfare or, umm, the one with, no that was Chivalry too. Melee focused combat is not a large or one would think popular genre yet games have an innate blood lust, the more gore the better and what’s even sweeter is the […]

Naval Action

Over the countless years, I’ve probably encountered over a dozen or more “pirate” games for PC. From Cutthroats to Sea Dogs. From Sid Meier’s to Buccaneer to even getting The Patrician series as it had sailing ships in it. However, I’ve played nothing that is quite like this. Bar, maybe, the sea battles of Sea […]

Space Engineers

Space Engineers is another one of those niche games where you get to build your own space ship out of blocks like in Star Made. Space Engineers was released in early access on October 23, 2013. However it just recently left EA and was released under Beta on December 15, 2016. With that release, players […]