Dakar 18 cover image showing a car a van and a motorcycle racing in the desert

Dakar 18 early access review

Intro Dakar 18 is in early access so my review is based on the October 2018 build, however, let me start by telling you this. I’ve been playing racing games on computers since I first started with Pole Position on Atari. I played the Top Gear games when I was in high school (still play […]

MotoGP 18 Cover

MotoGP 18 the Official MotoGP Game

MotoGP 18 is the first MotoGP game using the Unreal Engine. Milestone claimed that they could make quantum leaps in terms of bike handling, damage simulation and graphics. I thought before I carry on I should translate this developer statement into reality so you know what you are going to get. Quantum leap in bike […]

Wreckfest cover art with a white car rising into the air after being struck

Wreckfest, it’s not a pengiun

Wreckfest is to racing what penguins are to birds. It’s racing but it doesn’t have proper wings, uh no, it’s racing, but it smells of fish. I don’t know anymore but I can say that Wreckfest is a seriously fun game. Crashing isn’t fun though is it? I knocked a guy off of his lawnmower […]

Mantis Burn Racing and DLC

In the early 90s, I had an Amiga 500+. I remember playing Lombard Rally on it to show my friends the amazing graphics and that the driver moved the wheel AND changed gears. I would shout “get ready” as gear change was coming and then “look” as he did it. Whilst a stripy road passed […]