Ultimate General: Civil War

I played Ultimate General: Gettysburg on a friends system back in 2014. I thought it was OK but that it lacked something that made me want to play it again so I never bought it. It was very popular though and so I watched the news of a new game with baited breath. Now whilst […]

Shock Tactics

Oh how one wishes death upon one’s cause of suffering. The agony, and disgust I felt while playing solitaire and losing 5 times in a row was immense. However, the failure filled card game was only a cool down after playing the dump that is Shock Tactics. I wanted nothing more than to stop and […]

Naval Action

Over the countless years, I’ve probably encountered over a dozen or more “pirate” games for PC. From Cutthroats to Sea Dogs. From Sid Meier’s to Buccaneer to even getting The Patrician series as it had sailing ships in it. However, I’ve played nothing that is quite like this. Bar, maybe, the sea battles of Sea […]

Star Craft 2 cover image

StarCraft 2

StarCraft 2 had a lot to live up to, often when making a sequel to a critically acclaimed game, developers will look at re-inventing the game or quite simply, buffing up the content and mechanics of the game to ensure old and new users alike are satisfied. Star Craft 2 manages to remain as solid […]