Battlefield V cover image

Battlefield V Game play only review

Battlefield V launched into a maelstrom of anger and disappointment from fans, critics and more importantly, the YouTube community of influencers who let’s face it, can make or break a game nowadays. Loot boxes, season passes the throng of criticisms were numerous and justified, however, EA did something no one expected, they listened, they changed […]

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Review

So, microtransactions!! How can I start a review about Star Wars Battlefront 2 without talking about the biggest topic in gaming at the moment? There is no getting away from the fact that EA has shown their greed and general attitude towards gamers with the way they handled the microtransaction fiasco. It has cost them […]

Offensive Combat: Redux

Offensive Combat has been resurrected and is now Offensive Combat: Redux. I have to admit never having heard of let alone played Offensive Combat but in preparing for this review I found that it was pretty much a cult classic browser game that had a pretty large following. I am sure the people that loved […]

Quantum Break

Like any good movie, the game starts out with our protagonist paying a visit to the physics lab, just popping in to visit his old pal Paul (I’m not evil) Serene. When the experiment goes tits up you, well actually Mr Ordinary Jack Joyce, ends up with some time manipulation skills. You can stop time, […]

Drifting Lands

Drifting Lands is a classic horizontal shoot’em’up with some well thought out RPG elements being developed and published by Alkemi. A mix of Shoot Em Up and RPG sounds like an odd mix but if you enjoy Shoot Em Ups then you will enjoy Drifting Lands. There are over 100 levels and, of course, the […]