Rising Storm 2

In my mind, I thought I would be screaming through the jungle listening to Credence Clearwater Revival and fragging some “gooks”, however, in reality, I got shot. A lot. I died more in my first 30 minutes of playing than I think I have in the entire time I have played Call of Duty. OK, […]

Early Review: EverSpace

Who hasn’t dreamed of being an astronaut or a fighter pilot, right?  EverSpace aims to address those two dreams by putting the player in a 3-D cockpit and allowing that player to duke it out in space while scavenging and mining for resources to progress to the next area. Starting out, I was impressed with […]


What a political cluster fuck. Oh, sorry. What idiotic rabble. My game of Stellaris has evolved into federation talk. In case you haven’t heard of Stellaris, the Grand Strategy game by Paradox, I’ll give you the rundown. Stellaris starts you off as a species (or a couple of species) that just grasped the torch of […]

Shock Tactics

Oh how one wishes death upon one’s cause of suffering. The agony, and disgust I felt while playing solitaire and losing 5 times in a row was immense. However, the failure filled card game was only a cool down after playing the dump that is Shock Tactics. I wanted nothing more than to stop and […]

Watchdogs 2

Does anyone remember the Watchdogs graphics debacle when it released in 2014? I do, it still burns that the game was released and it looked so different to the demo we saw at E3. It was my first realization that publishers will just lie to sell their games. Stupid I know but I was naive […]