Drifting Lands

Drifting Lands is a classic horizontal shoot’em’up with some well thought out RPG elements being developed and published by Alkemi. A mix of Shoot Em Up and RPG sounds like an odd mix but if you enjoy Shoot Em Ups then you will enjoy Drifting Lands. There are over 100 levels and, of course, the […]

Exoplanet: First Contact Recieves Massive Update

“Exoplanet: First Contact“, a game developed by a small Indie team “Alersteam” and published by “Grab The Games” just got another major update! “Exoplanet: First Contact” is a survival singleplayer, story-driven third-person action RPG set in a Space Western universe. Here, real and fictional technologies meet the cruel and unforgiving, yet romantic reality of the […]